Can Women Achieve Balance With The Many Hats They Wear?



In fact, women have to play many different roles in society. Sometimes they wear many hats everyday even more than men. Women hats differ depending on the roles they perform in society.  The hats can include the mom hat, the wife hat and the employee hat.

With so many roles women have to play, the new lifestyle and life demand, working and succeeding in the professional life has become a trouble and a burden. Women do not only seek a job for the sake of having a salary and affording a house, a car and everything they needed, but also for their own self-fulfilment and sometimes they only need to feel  useful for themselves and for their community.

So can a woman achieve balance and succeed with all the different hats she must wear?

Succeeding in the professional life has become greatly increasingly challenging for women who have to undertake other roles in life.

So here are some tips for women to get ahead in the world of work.


  1. Courage and risk-taking: if women do not take risk in their life, they might miss great opportunities. They have to embrace new challenges to advance their career. This can happen only if they have enough courage and trust themselves and their potentials.
  2. Don’t discuss your pregnancy: when a woman takes a maternity leave, someone has to take over her job responsibilities and this will be costly for the company. So try to show you competencies and talents to you employers. Make them assume that you are an essential pillar in their company so as to accept your return after the maternity leave.
  3. Choose a job that you love: knowing you strengths and weaknesses can help you much in determining the kind of job that fit you. When you love something you can deploy the maximum energy in doing it and that’s what you can do when you choose a job that you love doing.
  4. Learn new technologies: technology plays a major role in the advancement of businesses. So learn as much as you can about computer and mobiles applications because the more you know about technology, the easier you can do your task at work.
  5. Obtain certifications: taking online course or enrolling in a centre in order to learn new career fields will help you to take a leadership role in the future.


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