Why the World Needs to Learn from Finland

Education is a fundamental key in career success and even success in life. That is why it is important for people to take education seriously. But there is something about school and education that the world needs to learn from Finland.

Almost a decade ago, the world’s top education nation award was granted to Finland. Many see it as strange because the country is said to have schools that are accessible to all without charge, and students do not take standardized test until the final year of their secondary education.

But you may be wondering why the world needs to learn from Finland when it comes to education. Here are a few reasons why Finland’s education system and schools were top ranked:

  • School for all – Finland never aimed to become the best in education but rather, they focus in providing good schools for all the kids in the nation. Finns never thought of racing to the top and become the best when it comes to school and education. But they thought of education for everyone.
  • Taking teaching seriously – Finns not only take studying seriously, but teaching as well. They require that every teacher must be trained well in academic universities so that they can teach their lessons with mastery. Finnish government even invests more in professional development of its teachers, professors and administrators. For that reason, many young Finns have chosen teaching as their profession or career.
  • Learning how to improve – Finnish educators and school administrators continually improve their educational system by learning from other schools across the globe. They have looked at other countries of how they can systematically enhance their schools. The United States has been one of those countries Finland look up to, and has been their special source of encouragement and inspiration to continually improve teaching, student-learning and other education-related matters.

However, there is this they call as the Global Educational Reform Movement or GERM. It is some kind of strategic program wherein educational systems borrow rules and regulations from other schools and then gets “infected” with those systematic changes.

Schools suffering from GERM are said to be showing signs and symptoms. And these include the following:

  • Being competitive with other educational institutions. – This happens because school administrators who began adapting GERM think that being competitive will improve their academic status. If schools compete with each other, they will begin to learn from such competition and then somehow improve the quality of education.
  • There is an increase in the school choice. – This will put parents and guardians as consumers wherein they are empowered to select the best school for their kids. This then makes the school do marketing and advertising to attract and make an appeal to parents.
  • Higher and stronger accountability from schools. – This creates a belief that the school along with their teachers and administrators are accountable and responsible for students’ learning leading to improved academic performance. If the students have poor performance in school, then people and parents will think that the school and its administration are not that good at all.

Despite the presence of GERM, Finland remained strong and great when it comes to education and schooling. The nation’s government and citizens unite to grant all the children good education for a better future. That is something that the world needs to learn.

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Why the World Needs to Learn from Finland

Education is a fundamental key in career success and even success in life. That is why it is important for people to take education seriously. But there is something about school and education that the world needs to learn from Finland.Almost a decade ago, the world’s top education nation awa ... ...

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