Ways for Students to Make a Little Money from Home

Believe it or not, I have five sources of income, yet I don't work more than 20 hours per week. (I can't work more than that because of a disability but don't qualify for disability aid.) When I lost the ability to work outside my home, I turned to my talents and to easy income sources to make money. I'm ready to pass on some ideas so that whether you're a teen struggling to find a job or a grad student who's too busy for one, you can make a little money.

Sell Stuff

If you have anything you don't need or want, even if it's used, try selling it before donating it to charity. In my case, using Craigslist just generated tons of spam, so I advise using eBay or Amazon to sell your goods. If you can earn more than what it will cost to ship it, make a deal.

College students, your old textbooks can generate more money than you might think, or at least more than what the bookstore will buy them back for. A handy website I discovered after graduating allows you to compare offers for your book from various online booksellers: http://bookscouter.com

Provide Feedback Online

Organizations will pay to have feedback from people. Two ways to earn money for giving feedback include signing up with online survey websites and signing up to be a website usability tester. You'll probably want to sign up for two survey websites because then you'll have more opportunities to make money. Two survey organizations I think are good are SurveySavvy and CashCrate.

There are plenty of both kinds of web organizations around, so do some research to figure out which ones are genuine and appeal to you. I recommend consulting the Better Business Bureau (www.bbb.org) to investigate these websites.

Use Your Talents

Find a way to use talents and hobbies to make money. You don't have to start a business or anything complicated like that to do odd jobs for someone in the community, to write paying blog posts, or...you fill in the blank. You probably won't earn enough from these efforts to have to worry about self-employment tax, so go for it!

For more ideas, look for online resources for work-from-home parents. This job board posts only telecommuting opportunities and led me to three of my current sources of income: www.ratracerebellion.com


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