Top Courses To Study In Abroad For Students

Students can get the best educational facilities from educational hubs around the world. They get exposed to global educational facilities, quality lifestyle, research opportunities, modern technology and a wide variety of courses to choose from. The most sought after countries to study in are Malaysia, UK, Germany, China ,USA, Russia, South Africa, France, Dubai, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, Canada, Ukraine, Netherlands and New Zealand.

Students in foreign countries choose from a range of courses covering different fields of study from thousands of private and public colleges and universities. Students also get an opportunity to do community activities and sports.

MBA, Law, Medicine, Computer Science, Engineering, Hotel Management, Aviation, Tourism and the Applied Sciences are some of the favourite courses among international students. However, other courses such as Entertainment, Logistics and Beauty Therapy are gaining popularity with international students.

TOP Courses Abroad are:

  • Medicine
  • Law
  • Computer science
  • Engineering
  • Hotel Management
  • MBA
  • Sports Management
  • Ph.D. (Science)
  • Business Management
  • Physiotherapy
  • Information Technology

Some of the most lucrative courses abroad include:

MBA & Management: USA attracts thousands of students from around the world planning to pursue a degree in the field of MBA and management. There are also universities in other countries in which students can seek admission. All those colleges offer quality education, internships, good infrastructure and access to modern technology.

Engineering & Technology: Most undergraduate programmes in the engineering field take five years to complete. Engineering and technology courses are most popular with students who like sciences and mathematics. The engineering field has several related specialisations such as mechanical engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, industrial engineering and electronic engineering. Most students choose to study engineering and technology because of the many attractive career opportunities associated with it.

In most countries offering engineering courses, there is an accreditation board whose mandate is to ensure the required quality and standards are maintained. 


  • Pilot: Students who wish to train as pilots are required to register to register with the relevant civil aviation security body in the respective country to eliminate any possibility of the student posing a security threat.
  • Air Traffic Management: Students are required to take English and mathematics tests before admission.
  • Flight Mechanics: Students are required to have an airworthiness licence from their country of origin. A letter from a previous employer is necessary to validate the student's experience in aviation maintenance. 

Those interested in Air Ticketing, Air Hostess and Cabin Crew courses are required to take study skills and language tests to assess their fitness to the field.

Medicine: Foreign students are required to complete at least the last one year of their undergraduate study in a University in the abroad country where the medical school is located. In some medical schools in the UK, students should have a first degree from an institution in the UK. There is limited space in medical schools, so the number of admissions is limited. In 2009, of the 56,871 applications that were submitted to UK medical schools, 19,762 were accepted of which only 427 were international students. 

The medical course is divided into pre-clinical theoretical courses and clinical courses that involve rotations through various sections of a teaching hospital. The two components each takes two years. The degree awarded allows the student to practice as a doctor. There is also a mandatory a three-year graduate medical education that follows the award of the Doctor of Medicine degree. 

One year before enrolment, Prospective medical students are required to take a Medical School Admission Test consisting of biological sciences, physical sciences and verbal reasoning.

Computer Science & IT:A degree in Computer Science and IT introduces students to computer programming, computer networking, database management and web design. 

Law: Prospective law students in USA should have a first degree in any field to qualify to study the law field. Law students study courses in international law, constitutional law, torts, legal writing, contract law, intellectual property law, criminal law, family law, moot court and environmental law.

A student intending to study in America should get a United States permanent resident card. A green card is an attachment to the lawful permanent residence status of the foreign student. The USA green card allows the international student to take part-time employment in the US. 

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