Top 10 Efficient Tools for Essay Writing

Top 10 Efficient Tools for Essay Writing

Exams are not the most challenging aspect of higher education. Students also have to think about attending classes and extracurricular activities, as well as writing a number of papers for several courses. Academic writing is an overwhelming challenge for most students. They often need to take a boring topic and write a captivating discussion supported by facts. In addition, they have to respect serious academic writing and referencing standards. Before you start thinking about giving up on the assignment, try relying on the following tools that will make the writing process easier:

Elements of Language: Model Bank

This website offers interactive sessions that help middle-school and high-school students understand the principles of academic writing. Each interactive Writer’s Model featured on the website is a full-length paper with interactive notes and a printable guide. When you see an example of a properly-written essay, it will be easier for you to commit to your own assignment.


The writers and editors at NinjaEssays have helped thousands of students to improve their approach towards academic writing. You can get assistance on any topic, regardless of the type of assignment you need to complete. The best part is that you’ll collaborate with an expert from the relevant subject area.


MindView is excellent mind-mapping software that’s especially useful for visual learners. The tool helps you brainstorm for ideas and create a visual map that will help you plan the structure of your paper. You can choose the type, style, and color of your mind map to your preference. The tool also offers collaboration options, which make it an excellent choice for team projects.


Visuwords is more than a dictionary; it’s a graphical tool that will help you improve your vocabulary. When you look up for words at this website, you will get their meaning, as well as associations with other words. When you realize how rich the English language is, you’ll be able to make the essay more captivating.


Read&Write - you need to conduct serious research in order to write an impressive paper. When you get too tired of reading PDF files, you can use this literacy software, which is suitable for all ages and abilities. The discreet, customizable toolbar offers reading, studying, research, and writing support tools.

Do you have habit words? You can use this tool to find synonyms that will improve your style. In addition, also provides antonyms and definitions of the words you look up. If you don’t know how to fit a particular word into a sentence, you can get inspiration from the examples you get.


If referencing is a nightmare, then Mendeley is the right tool for you. It will help you organize the sources you assemble throughout the research stage. Your own library will be fully-searchable, and you can provide proper citations as you write.

Online Writing Lab

This is the ultimate essay writing tool for students. Purdue OWL provides essential tools that will help you form the foundation of your academic writing skills. You can find easy-to-follow guidelines for all types of academic papers. In addition, you will also find guides that will teach you how to implement MLA, APA, and Chicago Manual styles.

Research and Documentation Online

This is a great source of sample papers and tips on finding and documenting sources for projects in humanities, social sciences, sciences, and history. You can also benefit from the list of style manuals, which will help you format and reference the content according to the expectations of you teacher.


Bartleby - If you don’t have a lot of time to spend on the research stage, then this website will be your salvation. Instead of hitting Google search, you should search for resources at this website. The materials don’t have any copyrights, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t provide proper references.

Now that you have access to all needed tools, you can tackle that essay without being overwhelmed by the challenge. Remember: no goal is impossible to achieve when you find the right approach!

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