Top 10 Education Websites in India

Throughout my career I have seen technology revolutionizing the field of education at a rather fast pace. Gone are the days when innovation and change took years to implement. So I took the time to compile a list of Top 10 Education Websites in India.

Nowadays I can see both knowledge and products get out dated at a frighteningly fast pace. Thus, in my professional opinion, it is imperative that one stays on top of things by constantly honing his/her skills and updating your knowledge bank.

Internet is probably the singular phenomenon that has changed our lives forever. Education among other things too has been revolutionized by cyberspace. It is now a common platform to impart and share knowledge. I have been to many countries but I would like to focus on India where I have devoted 3 years of my life teaching students and present my own list of educational websites that would help a student learn the current scenario and make educated decisions related to his/her life and career.

Following are the top ten education sites in India:

Admission News
Admission News is known to be one of the largest websites on education in India and a great aid in staying informed about all sorts of entrance exams, application dates, admission notices, scholarships and various career avenues. It also has a career counselor and a rather appreciable database of numerous courseware and career related info.

It is a leading educational website in India and caters to students from all streams. It puts emphasis on providing the latest options and information in the academic field. It covers all types of exams, degrees and has an equally informative section on studies, abroad.

SolidEssay is a college paper writing service that is very popular among students in India that teaches students how to write different types of essays. I have personally written an article on how to write an application essay for university that students refer to on a regular basis.

India Education 
This website offers all the news related to education. It offers detailed information on career choices, distance education, guidelines for online education, entrance tests, forums on discussions, colleges and a host of other useful tools and aids.

It is a rather informative website on education in India as it comprises of a comprehensive guiding on matters related to academics, education and opportunities both in India and outside India. It also offers mock tests, provides career guidance and even provides astrological insight.

Indiaedu has been on the education scene since 1998, when I first visited India, and presents complete guidance on education and career choices. This website also offers details of both Indian and foreign academic options. It has extensively detailed information on study in countries like UK, Canada and US.

This is an offshoot of the much famous Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and deals with school students. Offered as an online magazine dealing with articles related to ecology, poetry, science and other knowledge based write ups; from my own experience this website helps the student in learning with fun.

Speak With A Geek
Speak With a Geek offers Tech Skill Testing for candidates to prove their knowledge and become more education in a variety of IT and technology related skills, certifications, and training. Representing some of the largest corporations in Technology, SWAG can also help place top IT candidates into fulfilling technological careers.

A rather top line site for education in India, it provides a wide choice of career paths to the students. Its academic guidance consists of best universities and colleges in India as well as abroad. It also offers online career counseling and tests which are of great help to a student in deciding upon a career.

India Education Stat 
This website has a unique honor of serving the students with infrastructure, success rate, distance education, research and development within the education area all sorts of statistical data regarding education in India.

Room 108 
Aimed at primary school teachers and students, this website offers information that helps the students learn through educational games on subjects like: Science, Mathematics, English and Social Studies, and enables teachers to prepare assignments. It contains a host of fun activities, puzzles, worksheets and stories.

Just as the name suggests, this website has all the latest on education sector related news in both India and abroad. It also provides good information on important institutions, their entrance exams, career options and various courses. They provide the reader with numerous career counseling options and online tests. All streams of subjects and universities; including the offers by all government institutes are easily available on this website and it is definitely worth a visit by anyone who is thinking of further studies.

The above-mentioned websites may be the most well known from my own experience since I’ve used them a lot during my teaching career, but the net is still rife with a number of useful educational websites like:

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