This Library is All about Early Literacy

The world has changed. Going from everything that is needed to be done by hand, we have progressed onto using technology to handle most, if not all, of our day-to-day tasks.

This means that we need to make sure that our children and the generations that come after us are well versed in these technological advancements. That is the reason why the meaning of ‘early literacy’ has evolved, from something that was confined to reading books and writing by hand, to an enhanced system of learning through digital and cultural literacy as well. Luckily, we have libraries like the Montclair Public Library that are diving into these new forms of early literacy.

Pre-Literacy is Precursor to Early Literacy

Many people don’t realize the fact that babies learn so much before they approach the age of formal learning. This is where adults can help their children learn more from an early stage. While letting your children play with toys may look like something that’s just for fun, this could help them hold a pencil in the future or type on a computer.

The library helps adults learn ways to achieve this pre-literacy effectively so that children can do more when they reach the stage of formal learning.

Literacy for Children and Adults Alike

Literacy, while having become multi-faceted in today’s world, still does include reading books. That is why the library offers early literacy support that allows children to have fun while learning. It also helps adults understand the different ways that they can help their children with their early literacy in an efficient way.

The library has also designed a family-oriented program by the name of ‘Let’s Read Together’, where literacy workshops especially designed for families are to help them be good at pre-literacy practices in the home.

Moving Beyond Paper

While still the largely accepted form of literacy, print literacy is just not enough in today’s day and age. The library, for this reason, offers a vast variety of audiobooks for children. With the likes of TumbleBooks, these e-books and audiobooks are a great way for children to get used to modern technology while also learning in a more interactive way than simply reading. On top of this, these books are designed to guide children with their reading to help those who are hesitant readers be better at it.

These audiobooks can be found on CD as well as accessed through the e-library services that the Montclair Public Library offers.

Redefining Digital Literacy for Children

The library is not only giving children access to interactive books but also allowing them to access the computer stations in order to help them learn more through educational and fun games. They have also created a learning station, the SMART Table, where children can come together and collaborate on different tasks that are fun and educational.

Despite what all of this may hint at, this library is not all about early literacy. It also helps adults learn more about technology so they can progress in the world. The Adult School Department teaches them how to use various programs like Microsoft Excel. In this way, the Montclair Public Library really is working to bring literacy to the whole community, not just to a single portion of it.

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This Library is All about Early Literacy

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