They Need a Break After School to Move Their Bodies

No doubt that we have a childhood obesity problem from kids being mostly indoors, playing video games today. Plus they are not eating right. Also when they spent their whole day in school of 6-8 hours, their brains are fried when they get home.  A good break is needed where they go outside and physically play for at least an hour after they get home with their friends or the neighborhood kids.

Being that they haven't eaten in a while, serve them a healthy snack. Then encourage them to get out and run around the house or the apartment building for a while. They can also find other kids to play with.

Encourage doing sports with other kids. After an hour of physically moving to relieve their stress, they will be ready to do their homework, even when they hate doing it. To be honest, most kids would rather skip doing homework. This is usually a tough row for most parents to hall. Enforcing rules and rewards works in the long run with this one. This is because kids look for consistency.  

I think that after a break where kids can run and be physical, will them release their mental stress to where their memory improves. Then they will get better grades for doing their homework. Then they will also get better at it. Plus this also makes their teacher’s job easier for them to do. This makes a win/win situation.

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