The Value of a Paralegal Degree: 5 Reasons You Should Consider It

If you've recently graduated from high school or college or if you are trying to re-invent yourself, you should consider a paralegal degree. The paralegal field is growing and it will likely continue to be a popular occupation well into the future.

There Will Always Be a Need for Paralegals - Much of the work that paralegals do will never be able to be automated. Paralegals perform legal research, customize legal documents, interact with clients and opposing counsel and do plenty more. Most of these tasks will continue to require human labor far into the future. They're also tasks that attorneys don't want to handle themselves, so they'll always need a paralegal.

Find Out If the Field Of Law Is For You - Earning a paralegal degree will give you a glimpse of what life is like in a law firm setting. Once you have your degree, you'll be able to secure a position in a law office or with a court to find out what the field is really like. This is perfect for someone who is on the fence in regards to law school. If it turns out that you enjoy your experience as paralegal and want to become an attorney, you'll be a shoe-in for admission to many law schools with your paralegal experience.

A Paralegal Degree Takes Little Time to Complete - While most college students spend four years in college pursuing their undergraduate degree, many paralegal degrees take only two years to complete. There are even some intensive paralegal certificate programs out there that can be completed in half a year. The brevity of a paralegal degree program will require less of a time commitment and also be cheaper than other college degree programs.

Paralegals Earn Good Money - Once a paralegal gets a few years of experience under his belt, he'll earn a quality salary. Paralegals who develop a niche in a particular field like intellectual property, immigration and divorce will almost always be in high demand. They'll earn above average salaries for the field as well.

A Diversity of Work Activities - One of the best aspects of being a paralegal is that there's a breadth of daily responsibilities. No day is the same. Paralegals basically do it all. They complete discovery procedures, type from dictation, create legal documents, file documents with courts, conduct legal research and interact with clients, courts and opposing counsel. These activities make for very interesting work days.

If you can't afford law school or if you aren't sure if the field of law is for you, you can test the waters by becoming a paralegal with an online paralegal degree. It won't cost too much money to obtain the degree and you'll be earning a living wage far before your peers who chose to pursue four year degrees, masters degrees, law degrees and doctorates.


Meghan Belnap

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