The Excitement of Studying Abroad in China

The dramatic blend of ancient world and modern lifestyle is prominent throughout China and deciding to study abroad here might be the most exciting decision you ever make. You can walk miles and miles of the Great Wall that meanders across the countryside, or stand staring up at some of the most progressive steel and glass high-rise buildings in the world. It is a complex meeting of old and new world that blends to perfection.

It is an unforgettable experience to work an internship or study amongst 1.3 billion people that share a rich 4,000 year history. The landscape is as varied as the personalities and you can wrap yourself in the rich heritage of invention and innovation. Imagine studying where the world’s oldest written language originated. You can even totally immerse your work and studies in the Mandarin language.

Popularity of English Studies

English studies are popular with both Chinese as well as foreign students. You will have a wide selection of disciplines to choose studies in without having to learn Mandarin. You can then spend the weekends and the break times reaching out for volunteer activities and internships that will bring you up to speed in learning the local culture and language. The better your Mandarin gets the more open you will be to opportunities to take Mandarin taught classes.

Learn and Gain Experience in a Vibrant Economy

The economy of China is growing and expanding exponentially. It is a great environment to get your studies and internship experience, since the selection of classes and work opportunities are nearly endless. You can add experiences to your portfolio that are absolutely priceless. It is a fun and unexpected way to gain knowledge and personal enjoyment to learning. It can make all of the difference between a good education and a great one.

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