5 Ways to Spice Up Your Presentations

Are you tired of presenting the same old PowerPoints weighted down by words and bullet points. If the students can read every word of the lecture, why are you reading it to them? Lay off the words and use these tips to add a little flair to your presentations.

1) Consider an alternative to PowerPoint.  Prezi is a free presentation software with a flexible (non-linear designs) meant to give users full control of the storyline. Users can also incorporate graphics and guide the focus of the presentation around a main graphic, like Dan Holowack displays in his YouTube presentation titled Top 5 Reasons to use Prezi instead of PowerPoint. Don’t be intimidated by Mr. Holowack’s mastery of Prezi. There are a ton of professionally authored tutorials and templates to help you get started. And it is free complete with a special license for educators.

2) Say a 1,000 words with a picture.  They say a picture can express a 1,000 words.  So why not, make your pictures the main part of your slide and use just a few words. This shift from wordy slides to picture focused slides can be seen on the popular presentation sharing website SlideShare. Two of the newest slideshare presentations, The Ten Life Lessons: Santa Claus and 12 Days of Twismas, are two great examples.  

3) Use great pictures. If you are not a photographer or do not have time to take the photos you need, find them online. You can find great free pictures from Flickr, MorgueFile, and BigFoto. These websites provide free images, provided you cite them appropriately. There are instructions regarding use of photos and proper citations. Each website includes a wide selection of beautiful images.

4) Add an expert video or two. Why not include the perspective of another expert or a story? You can easily incorporate YouTube Videos into Prezi or PowerPoint provided the author has allowed embedding. Adding videos may reengage the learner and add additional credibility to your presenation.

5) Add animated eye catching transitions. If you are using PowerPoint, you have the option of adding twists, flips, and turns, between slides. Do not overdo it. Adding a few transitions before important points, chapters, or other content transitions, may indicate the importance of the information.

Presenting information can be difficult and using new technologies can be intimidating.  Giving the tips above a try will help you reengage your learners.  You might exploring the new tools too.  Good luck!    

Photo form Flickr.com under the Creative Commons License


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