Speech Therapy is Increasingly Important

Communication is the first step that begins to shape our lives. From learning new things in a school to solving an issue without taking extreme measures, proper communication is necessary to achieve many things.

Language, by far, is one of the best modes of communication we humans have. It is a way in which we can directly get our message across to someone, while avoiding any misunderstandings that may arise with non-verbal modes of communication.

This is why it is becoming increasingly important to help those people, especially children, who have trouble speaking properly. Speech therapy, therefore, needs to be given the utmost importance today.

Children Unable to Speak Properly

There are countless children in the world who have problems with their speech. Most commonly, children are unable to pronounce unvoiced velar stops, such as the ‘k’ sound, and instead use voiced velar stops, like the ‘g’. Many also have a hard time putting two consonants, like ‘c’ and ‘l’, together in a single word.

Suffering Education

Quite obviously, children who cannot speak properly will have a very hard time reading their lessons or generally keeping up with their peers in class. Most children who need speech therapy have to wait for months and even years in order to attend the sessions they require. It is this waiting that can add to a lot of frustration and anxiety in children, which is why it is becoming increasingly important for us to improve our speech therapy programs.

Speech problems from a young age usually carry on through children’s lives and pose problems to their later academic lives as well. It is important to fix these problems at an early age so that these children can have normal lives.

Social Difficulties and Effect on Mental Health

Apart from falling behind in school, children suffering from speech problems also have to face difficulties in their social lives. Their peers may act uncomfortably around them, making them feel out of place and uninvited. Children who cannot speak fluently lack the confidence to be part of large social gatherings, and need to be made comfortable by others.

These kind of issues can lead to mental problems as well. Growing up with such problems, these children live their lives in anxiety. Not only their studies, but the prospects of getting good jobs may get affected in the future as well.

In-School vs. State Funded Therapy

Those children who are lucky enough to get into a speech therapy program at their own school can learn to overcome their problems effectively. The waiting lists for these programs are extremely long however, and a child may have to wait for months before getting into a session.

This waiting period is nothing compared to that faced by children who are referred to their region’s Community Care Access Centre. The reason for such a wait is not that there are too few speech pathologists around but rather a lack of public funding for such programs. A lot of speech pathologists are out of jobs, which only goes to show the importance of funding these programs to meet the increasing need for speech therapy.

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Speech Therapy is Increasingly Important

Communication is the first step that begins to shape our lives. From learning new things in a school to solving an issue without taking extreme measures, proper communication is necessary to achieve many things.Language, by far, is one of the best modes of communication we humans have. It is a way ...

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