Special Education Gets Tech Support

Separate Schools for Special Children- no More!

The technological advancements are being increasingly used in making our educational techniques more effective and student friendly. In this sphere, another huge leap taken by educationists is integrating the special students with the mainstream education.

Till now Children with disabilities have been taught in, special schools meant especially for such students. However, all that is set to change with technology that will make it possible for all types of students in receiving their education together.

The technology and its assistive tools are being looked at as the stepping-stones to bring all Children together irrespective of their disabilities and handicap.

The Aiding Tools

Pajaro Valley school district in Wastonville, Calif is making inspiring efforts toward getting all students under one roof.

One of the early and effective introductions is the Sound field system, which helps the hearing-impaired students in hearing correctly. This system is directly attached to their hearing aid. Use of iPods, monitors and apps like Read2go has helped instructors in getting through to these special children in the mainstream classes.

A voice Thread, on the other hand helps them in creating narrative papers and assignments instead of writing them. This is of a great help to children who suffer from cerebral palsy and other disorders that keep them from writing. 

Using the Existing system

It is not only about using the new apps and gadgets but also utilising what is available to the best use for helping these students. It has also been observed that special children tend to have a better hang of gadgets and their functionalities, so it is but natural to use them as tools to impart education and knowledge to them.

For e.g. Smart Boards are a part of all classrooms and can serve amazingly well as a tool for educating the special children. These Children can absorb drawings, colours and 3D diagrams much better than the book lessons.

The First step from Instructors

There is no doubt that the general education instructors need their own share of learning to understand the needs of the special children. However, they have experience with the latest technological tools that aid teaching but awareness in using them for the special children is required.

An empathy and open mind is needed to introduce these techniques and methods for an integrated class. A proper training for teachers also ensures that they are able to customise the existing methods and tools for the use of these special students.

Learning on both sides

Getting special Children to study and thrive in the same environment as other Children is a positive step for both the sides. Special Children have to survive and deal with the world outside in the later years of their teenage.

This is why integrating them early in the mainstream is healthy and prepares them well. On the other hand, mainstream Children can learn to be helpful and compassionate towards the special children in their class and school.

Together they can create a wonderful environment of co-operation in the school.


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