Secrets for Engaging Highly Effective Adult Learners

Adult learners are taking over the world. More and more adults are learning online, every day. Have you thought about doing an online course and upskilling?

Everyone learns with different strengths and weaknesses. Adults and children are similar as most people, regardless of age, learn through questioning, exploring, problem solving and reflecting. People like to be in a secure environment and to feel safe while learning but what makes adult learners different from child learners?

What is it that we bring to learning once we are ‘grown up’?

Adult Learners are Motivated.

The adult learner has actively chosen to learn and wants to learn. It might take them longer but they want to be there and to learn. Build a community, ask for feedback, and find support with ongoing opportunities.

Adult Learners are Self-directed.

Adult learners like to explore and research a topic to learn more. Adult learners can benefit from having plenty of different materials to learn from including videos, reference links, images, and lectures. Even though adults are self-directed, people still have different learning styles.

Adult Learners are Ready to Learn.

The adult learner wants to use their newly acquired knowledge to actively improve something in their lives. Make your course something that will help people to achieve and engage their interests.

Adult Learners are Keeping it Real.

Adult learners must know why they’re learning something. Make all the learning activities relevant. Provide activities that are based in real life and reflect real life situations.

Adult Learners are Baggage Heavy.

Adult learners come with past knowledge. It's best to integrate past experiences to help encourage new learning. Ask people to use their past experience in activities through reflection and sharing.

Most of all, adult learners want respect and to be seen as capable learners. Use a lot of interaction and choice in any learning situation. The number one thing to remember is always have FUN!


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