Prepositions of Location: Lesson Plan for ESL Learners

Level: Low/Beginner

Objectives: Students will use prepositions of location: on, next to, across from, and between to ask and answer questions about the location of places in the community. Students will identify locations on a map and draw one of their own to answer questions regarding prepositions of location.

Students will: Benchmark S2.3 a) produce appropriate prepositions of location and produce responses to WH-questions, S2.4 b) provide a brief response to an open-ended question, L2.1 b) respond appropriately (verbally or nonverbally) to simple learned phrases, questions, and sentences in a face-to-face situation, and R2.3 b) use realia or visuals to respond to new vocabulary.

Link Activity: Students will engage in a line dialogue where they will ask each other questions we have been compiling since the beginning of the semester. The new question is: Where do you go in the community? One student asks while the other responds: I go to _____ to ____. Students will listen and repeat vocabulary on brief video clip: Students will find someone who has the corresponding vocabulary word or picture to match their card as a review of community places learned previously. Students will form a circle and say their word along with what they do there.

Engage Activity: Teacher will present new vocabulary of prepositions (on, next to, across from, and between) on chart paper with pictures and explain that these words show us where places are. Teacher will demonstrate location of people with a couple of students and ask: Where is ___? Teacher will present the words on SMARTboard with pictures and have students come up and match after teacher models. Students will work in groups to match vocabulary with pictures. Students will glue pictures of the words in their notebooks and write the words underneath. Students will answer questions on map: Where’s the school? Using the correct prepositions to answer as a whole group.

Active Learning: 1. Students will work in pairs to answer questions in relation to a map. Student A asks Student B. 2. Students will come up to SMARTboard and place the boy or place on, next to, across from, or between another location. 3. Some students will stand by a poster found posted around the room while others will walk around the room and ask: Excuse me, where is the ____? Other student responds: It is _____. (using prepositional phrases and poster picture to complete the sentence) Note cards will be used to assist students. 4. Students will make their own map after teacher shows her sample map. Students should draw at least four locations and think about places near their home to draw. Then, students will work in groups to talk about their map and each student will ask one question using the note cards. All students will share.

Reflect:Students will write in their notebooks: Today I learned _______. Teacher may need to assist by eliciting examples prior to having students write.

Now and Then Activity: Students will engage in a ball activity where they will all throw and catch the ball sharing what they wrote in their notebooks. Students will be encouraged to use their new learned prepositions to share with a family member or friend as they are out and about their community.  

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