Prepare For College with This Simple Prep For Success Plan

After a long and stressful wait, your college acceptance letter has finally arrived. Eventually, you will become a university student, and so it is time to start preparing for college. But do you know what preparations you need to do? Are you ready to handle the academic stress and ups and downs of campus life? Before you arrive on campus, you need to have a clear mindset, which will help you to develop your reputation on campus and in your internships. Preparation is a key to successful college life. Here are some steps that will prepare you for this new phase of life.

Set Goals

A novice student is enthusiastic and willingly takes the opportunities that they come across.  But engaging in lots of courses or extracurricular activities will put a lot of pressure on you. Thus, you may end up quitting everything. Instead, identify your interests, set goals and focus on achieving them. The goals should be realistic and attainable but inspiring so that they help you to grow. Ask yourself the following questions to set realistic goals.

  • At the end of the semester, what changes do you want to see in yourself?
  • What do you wish to learn? What skills would you prefer to learn or develop?
  • Where do you want to utilize your efforts?
  • What is your ultimate objective?

The answers to these questions will give you a clear view of your goals and will help you to focus on your dream career.

Prepare for Stress

You may experience a lot of stress throughout your entire college career. The reason is that you will be expected to put in more effort than high school on an ongoing basis. Moreover, your instructors will be more demanding, the academic studies are difficult and challenging, and you have to work independently. Prepare yourself for stressful experiences at college by finding way to help you to reduce your stress. For instance, practice time-management skills, exercise regularly, adopt healthy sleep habits or learn a quick stress relief technique.

Build your Brand

Your ultimate aim is to achieve an ideal job soon after your graduation, and so you have to keep this in mind from day one. The activities and class assignments that you carry out, the social causes in which you participate and many other roles that you undertake should help you to achieve your first job. Ensure that your choices align with the ultimate goal. Thus, the number of tasks that you perform at your college is crucial in building your personal brand.

Get Your Digital House in Order:

In this era of technology, people use Google to get acquainted with you. If people use the web to form their first impression about you, then ensure that your virtual identity is consistent with your real self. Check out the following four steps to ensure that your digital brand works in your favor and not against you.

  1. Egosurf (Google Yourself): This is the first step is to making your social presence authentic. Find out how the web features you. Examine your profiles at all social networking websites. Clean up all the digital dirt that may mess up with your real identity. Start your college life with a fresh, genuine virtual image of you.
  2. Decide how you want to connect as you develop your professional network: From the first day of your college, start forming contacts through Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. These contacts should include classmates, college friends, instructors, guest speakers, and career counselors. They will all become your treasured networking acquaintances throughout your entire career. Start connecting with such people and remain in touch with them as they can give your career a perfect direction.
  3. Build professional content: If you are a novice, an online search will usually highlight more of your personal information with limited professional information. So, begin adding your professional information as soon as you seek internships or volunteer for any campus activities. Building a LinkedIn profile is the best way to showcase your achievements. Start creating your LinkedIn profile baseline with a proficient photograph, and a riveting headline and synopsis of your experience. Then, keep updating your profile as you gain novel experiences. Do not forget to include all of your university projects, which will add great value to your profile. Thus, your profile will be a valuable trove of your achievements and experiences and so update it regularly.
  4. Make a plan: You have to be consistently active if you want to keep your profiles up-to-date. Once in a month, you have to commit some time to egosurf and for updating your online profiles. Your regular and accurate online profile will reveal a compelling portrait to people who are forming opinions about you.

Above all, have fun! If you are constantly putting pressure on yourself, then you may miss the fun part of your college life. Remember, fun is an integral element of the learning process. So, irrespective of all the preparations mentioned above, you should brace yourself to explore how to relish your college life. This will lead you towards finding joy in the world full of struggles, and that’s the ultimate interpretation of a successful career. prep.jpg">Image Courtesy


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