Nursing is The Best Field For People Switching Careers

While the job market is improving in some sense, with the employment rate finally dropping down to a more sustainable level again this year, many of us aren’t really much better off than before. This is because unemployment has been replaced by underemployment. Underemployment means that people are either not working full time, or they’re working in jobs that don’t make use of their skills. While that’s certainly an improvement for the economy, it’s demoralizing and is a major contributor to the still rising number of non-traditional students going back to school to change careers. If you’re one of the many people looking at changing tracks there are some very good reasons to forget about that business degree and get into a nursing program.

It Gets You On Your Feet Fast It doesn’t take very long to get certified as an LPN (you can do it in a year), and the compensation compares pretty well to a lot of jobs that require 4-year degrees. Additionally, if you clicked on the link above, you can see that there’s a fairly clear line of progression to advancement. Get certified as an LPN, start working, and take classes to become a registered nurse. This allows you to avoid taking half a decade off of work, but still allows you to adapt your skillset for a new field.

You’ll Have A Job Waiting For You Unlike most fields nursing is booming. Because of the aging baby boomer generation a huge number of existing nurses are retiring while the general population ages. This means that there are currently fewer nurses for more patients, and the numbers are expected to continue to increase for decades to come. The odds of being stuck in a job outside your new field against your will are basically zero. More importantly, the increase in demand for nurses will almost certainly have a positive impact on nursing wages, and lead to better working conditions in years to come. Being in high demand means that employers will need to work to make themselves attractive to prospective employees.

It Combines Well With Existing Experience Nursing provides valuable experience that can help to make you attractive for administrative healthcare positions. If you’ve previously held leadership positions and have experience with administrative work, or you’re familiar with the insurance industry, then combining that with some healthcare savvy can ensure that you’ll never be out of a job again. The healthcare industry runs on paperwork; from tracking patients, to handling insurance claims, to managing other administrative workers, your existing skills can bring something to the table in the healthcare industry. Nursing is a quick pathway into the healthcare environment that gives you the option to apply your existing skills more fully without sacrificing your paycheck while you wait for an opportunity.

Micha Boettiger

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