4 Meet and Greet Activities for Students

Meet and greet activities are important icebreakers for students of all ages. During your first day or week of class it is important to add these to the beginning of your lessons. They are a great way for students to get comfortable with the group and practice their speaking skills as well.

Here are a few meet and greet activity ideas you can try with your class:

Toss a ball: You can play this game by having students stand in a circle and toss the ball to someone. The other person catches the ball and shares three things about themselves such as their name, what their favorite hobby is, and what their favorite food is. You can change the questions as you see fit for your group. Students continue to toss and answer the three questions until everyone gets a chance to share. Encourage students to toss the ball to someone who hasn’t had a turn.

Find someone who: Students are given a sheet of descriptors with blanks where they fill out the name of a person they met that fits the descriptor. For example, they can find someone who went out of town for Christmas, likes pizza, enjoys basketball, etc. As they mingle around the room, they are to fill out as much of their sheet as possible with new students they met. Do this until almost all students have filled out their sheets.

Alphabet soup: Students are instructed to go around the room and find something in the classroom that begins with a specific letter of the alphabet. When they have found something that starts with that letter, they should find a partner to share their item with. Have students look for items that start with different letters so it makes the search easier. This activity works best with English Language Learners.

Interviews: Students will find a partner to ask them three questions such as what is your favorite subject, where have you lived before, what is your favorite sport, etc. and write it on pre-made teacher sheets. Then they come back to their desks and share who they met. Everyone shares until all students have been introduced.

These icebreaking activities can be used with students of all ages and modified accordingly. With large groups of students, it may not be appropriate for students to share who they met as students may get bored and this can be time consuming.  These activities serve the purpose of getting your students out of their seats and meeting their peers in a fun way.



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