Learning Through Storytelling: Increasing Education of Children

Children have fun when educators tell a story. Children even have more fun when they interact with educators in storytelling. But storytelling is more than entertainment.

Storytelling is an educational tool that teachers use to educate about topics and cultural awareness. Since the ages before writing or television, storytelling was used to convey ideas, thoughts, and tell about current events.

More importantly, storytelling was a communication gateway for the imagination. As a matter of fact, storytelling was portrayed in colorful drawings on walls, carvings of tree trunks, and other elements of nature.

To tell a story, it is necessary to know the uses, the educational, and the entertainment values of storytelling. Telling a story from a book or visual aid can enhance the learning of young children.

The use of storytelling

Storytelling has been used since the beginning of time to express ideas and events. It is used in several ways in education:

  • To teach about other cultures or countries
  • To teach about tales using flannel board
  • To show sequential order in a story by using finger puppets
  • To teach moral values and ethics
  • To present games of role-playing

The learning of storytelling

Children often at times can learn about social skills and traditions through storytelling. It is also a moment to express feelings by using stories to tell about their emotions.

In the learning of storytelling, education is encouraged by:

  • Enhancing critical and analytical thinking
  • Using auditory and visual skills
  • Improving memory skills
  • Engaging student learning
  • Sharing stories about difficult topics
  • Improving problem-solving techniques
  • Acquiring knowledge
  • Using music and movement to encourage kinesthetic learning
  • Boosting identity formation
  • Enriching cultural awareness

The fun of storytelling

Storytelling can be used in many ways. It can become an art and a way for children of all types of learning to learn.

Storytelling is a fun learning tool because:

  • Teachers can use folktales to engage learning
  • Children can learn from fables and other literary elements
  • It enriches their cultural knowledge
  • It can enhance preschoolers and kindergarteners to communicate more efficiently
  • It can boost their solving skills to overcome socioeconomic status thresholds and discrimination
  • It can improve their language skills
  • It can show several scenarios of different situations children can be presented in real life
  • It can help special needs learners

Whether it is a fun story in a book or on a flannel board, storytelling can be both educational and entertaining. Children can enjoy learning by engaging in a story through music and movement or by simply learning about other cultures. Either way, children learn about the world around them with storytelling.

Barbara Mascareno

About Barbara Mascareno

Barbara is a bilingual teacher in Spanish, math, and science. She also offers her services as an educational consultant. She has science degrees and is working on her secondary education degree.

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