Learning by Trying Something New

I want to inspire you to try something you've never done before because whether you succeed or fail, whether you like the experience or not, you'll learn. It doesn't matter how old you are or what you try—you'll learn. The lesson could be more valuable than the experience itself.

I'm neither spontaneous nor impulsive, but now and then I shake things up. I've accomplished several things in life by trying something new. For example, I once entered a local pageant to try winning the scholarship tied to the first and second prizes. I didn't win, but I met some great people and gained public speaking experience.

Fear of failure isn't a valid excuse for not trying. Failure is a part of life, and it can show us what we must do to succeed next time. Mistakes can be educational opportunities.

Sometimes one must try multiple times before succeeding. Don't give up too soon. Scientists and doctors make multiple attempts to achieve something every day. If a junior varsity player misses making varsity, by continuing to train hard for a new attempt the next season, he or she will be even more valuable to the varsity team then.

You have little to lose, when compared to what you can gain, by trying something new. Even more importantly, if you try, there's no later regret for not taking a chance. Don't fear the unknown because it's full of opportunities. The only way to make the unknown known and less frightening is to explore it.

Any form of success is nearly impossible without trying. Luck isn't what determines the future, and very few good things will drop themselves into your lap. Remember that when the thought, "I can't, so why try?" hits. You definitely won't learn Spanish, learn to play the oboe, or make the volleyball team if you don't make an attempt.

What if you try it and don't like the result? Well, that's no reason to avoid attempting something else. Trying won't always lead to failure or a result you dislike.

Now, if I've convinced you to try, there's one more thing you need to do: Try with all your might. That's what really counts. You're more likely to succeed if you put your best effort into whatever you're doing. Employers look for people who don't just function but strive to do their best work always.

Keep trying, and you'll learn something, even if it's not what you expected. Go for it!


Photo: hinnamsaisuy, freedigitalphotos.net

Darla Word

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I'm a writing tutor and editor from Michigan. My favorite subject to write about is writing because making better writers is my calling. I also enjoy reading, singing, swimming, and cardmaking.

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