Join Hands with DeVry

DeVry Education Group which offers educational services on a global basis has just announced the first lot of education technology start-ups which will be participating in its new EdTech Incubator. The incubator is located at the entrepreneurial hub for new technology start-ups in Chicago called 1871.

This first batch includes four businesses which have the objective of achieving better results with technology that is designed to promote engagement and collaboration between participants, adjust the level of teaching according to the needs of the participants, and provide a seamless experience by connecting different online educational platforms. They will all spend time at the 1871 facility building relationships with business communities and fine tuning their technology programs.

The EdTech Incubator at 1871 has been established to assist start-ups concentrating on education to grow while catalyzing the spread of innovation in the process of learning and teaching. The lead sponsor for higher education at 1871, DeVry Group will deliver its start-ups with access to leading educationists across its institutions and conduct business education workshops with sessions for prototyping, focus groups, and other events to help them to flourish.

The new DeVry EdTech incubator space makes use of the recent expansion of 25,000 square feet at 1871. The first batch of start-ups to benefit are offering ideas and innovation which are unique and could benefit both teachers and students. DeVry Group will partner with these start-ups to take their offerings to the next highest levels.

Howard A. Tullman, CEO of 1871, is a firm believer in the potential of technology to completely transform learning and teaching at every level of education. He points out that the EdTech Incubator can provide resources for all the early-stage companies who join up including mentoring from leaders in the field of education and the ability to use the students and faculty in the universities based in Chicago to test and customize their offerings. 1871 is looking forward to growing its presence and leadership in the important area of technology in education.

Start-ups in the first batch at the incubator

The SmartyPants App, one of the EdTech Incubator start-ups, is a company from Los Angeles that provides a mobile, social learning app to offer students an easy, effective way to organize study groups and to tackle academic problems at any time. The app, which collects data used to predict and improve student retention and the graduation efforts of students.

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