Integrating PE and Music Into the Regular Classroom

When I was in elementary school…back in the dinosaur days as my kids say, we did not have specials, or pull-outs. PE and music were taught by the teacher. She spent the whole day with her students.  We all survived this way of teaching. With all of the financial cuts in education and so many programs being removed such as PE, it might be a good idea to go back to the dinosaur days and have the classroom teacher teach PE and music.

PE does not have to be a hard subject to teach. It is Physical Education.  All students need to learn in PE is how to play organized games and that exercise is an important part of mental and physical well being. It is important for them to exercise for their body and brain to be sharp and healthy. This does not require special lessons. Simply taking the kids outside and playing games such as Red Rover will provide them with the exercise they need and teach them how to play games. Another excellent PE game we played when I was in school was tag. The students can also exercise and even jump rope for physical fun. The classroom teacher does not need a degree in PE to teach these things. This will not require more funding and does not need to be an hour long class. It can be a fifteen or thirty minute time slot.

Music is another subject that does not have to be taught by a music teacher. Yes once the children move on to middle and high school it is important that they be taught by someone with a degree in music but in grade school they just need to learn an appreciation of the art of music.  The classroom teacher can pick our songs and have the kids learn them. They can even perform for parents.

Since funding for education has become so limited it might be time for grade schools to go back to the days where PE and music are integrated into the regular classroom being taught by the classroom teacher so that kids don’t have to completely lose these important pieces of their educational journey.


Kim Miller

About Kim Miller

I am a single mom of two sons, 15 and 18 years old. I also have an 8 month old grandson. I recently earned my BA in Elementary Education and am working toward an MA in Elementary Education. I love working with children and watching them learn.

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