importance of mock tests

Importance of Mock Tests Before Taking Your MBA Entrance Exams

Are you planning to take MBA entrance exams this year? Do you think you’re preparing in the correct way? Your preparation level, knowledge and comprehension ability are your gateway to top MBA colleges in India. As MBA entrance exams such as Common Admission Test (CAT), Management Aptitude Test (MAT), NMAT and XAT are approaching, every MBA aspirant is gearing up their preparation level in order to score good in these exams. The best way to prepare for MBA competitive exams is to practice sample papers and take mock tests.

How Do Mock Tests Help You in MBA Entrance Exams?

  • Mock tests are a vital tool to understand the pattern and structure of MBA exams.
  • They help you develop your own strategy to attempt questions in real-time exam.
  • You get to know the sections which require your more attention; it’s a kind of performance check.
  • Mock tests are meant to improve your confidence and enhance self-control before the actual final exam.
  • Your analysis and problem-solving power increases with every mock test taken by you.
  • You can develop time management ability and improve your overall performance during the final exam.

Take Online Mock Tests

MBA aspirants must take online mock tests so as to get familiar with the actual test environment. Taking the mock tests in real environment will enable you to improve accuracy and speed. Online test papers are backed with timer. CAT 2015 exam has sectional time limits of 60 minutes. One can practice in the same way as the actual CAT 2015 exam by enrolling for online mock tests. Online test papers also provide score card at the end of the exam and performance graph, so one could easily identify the weak and strong areas.

Analyzing Mock Tests

  • Often, students take 50-70 mock tests before their actual exam, but still fail to qualify for IIMs or other elite business schools. The reason is simple; not analyzing the mock test levels and not understanding the main motive of taking online tests.
  • Take the first mock test, analyze the mistakes you made, and then apply your improved knowledge in the next test.
  • Never feel disheartened with mock percentiles. They are a kind of marketing gimmick. The main objective of taking mock tests is to understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Don’t think that if your mock percentiles are not improving with every test you take, then you should stop taking online mock tests and only revise the formulas and practice offline. It is advisable you continue with the mock tests to boost your real-time solving ability.
  • Every human brain has a certain learning pace, which cannot be accelerated with your wish. Mock tests help in gradually improving the learning ability that will help you during your actual exam.
  • Attempt every mock test with some objective in mind such as solving each section questions in limited time, changing order of attempting sections, etc. and see whether or not you succeed in your motive.
  • Take only those mock tests that follow the current NMAT syllabus, CAT syllabus, MAT syllabus or changed pattern of competitive exams.

Whether you’re taking the mock tests or actual CAT exam, never ever do guesswork, silly mistakes or conceptual errors. The more honestly you take mock tests, the more you will understand concepts and apply them during MBA entrance exams.

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