How to Realistically Find a Second Job in the City of Dreams

Mumbai, a city of dreams, witness thousands of people pouring in from all around the world every couple of weeks. They come in search of fame, fortune and hope. Some disappear into the crowd and some make a place and a name for themselves. The majority of people who come here are in search for some type of an employment. What does it take to lead a more than comfortable lifestyle in this metro with the help of a second job?

Second Job, The Concept

A second job is the other paid work people do while being employed in another company. The concept of a second job has been in practice for a long time in India. With the ever growing rate of inflation, family size and unstable economic conditions, the demand for an extra income has increased among people.

Benefits of a Second Job

  • Increase in monthly or weekly income.
  • Security in income stream as you always have cash flowing from the second job if the first one doesn’t work out.
  • The opportunity of trying your hand at two unrelated things while giving you the chance to meet different people and handle different responsibilities.
  • You get to learn a different set of skills thus opening new lines of career.
  • It makes you more competitive and open to challenges.

Why do you need to have a second job?

The importance of a second job in a metropolitan city like Mumbai is unmistakable because of the increasing cost of living. Even if you remove the money factor, living in Mumbai is like leading a monotonous life, and with a 5-day work culture practiced almost everywhere people have lots of free time in their hands which they can to use to hone their skills.

With the instability in almost all job sectors, the importance of having another secure job is necessary. It not only adds on to your experience but it also gives an opportunity to try something new and explore other job fields or opportunities.

How to find a second job?

Finding a second job in a metro like Mumbai can be a daunting task. As a job seeker, you have to be sure that the employer and job listing is genuine. Try to choose a second job that interests you. Doing something that is your choice makes it easier to give it dedicated time and honest effort.

  • Search Out Your Options

There are multiple ways through which you can find part-time or freelancing jobs by searching for these jobs on portals, newspapers, and networking websites like Facebook or LinkedIn.

  • Apply for the Job

You can apply for part-time jobs in Mumbai on company websites, through job portals, in person or through email. In all cases, use professional language, showcasing your skills clearly. Mention your availability wherever possible and also attach a cover letter no matter how you are applying.

  • The Job Interview 

A part-time job interview is very different from a full-time job interview. In a part-time job interview, the focus is given to your time availability, your dedication towards finishing a job, and your comfort level with deadlines.

There are various job opportunities if you are looking for a second job; some of them include copywriting, editing, data entry, translation jobs, advisors or agents, subject matter experts, or HR recruiters. The trick is to find one that not only pays well but is a retreat from the monotonous permanent job.

Best of luck!

A professional writer and an avid reader, Tripti has been in the writing industry for 2 years. Her work ranges from articles on property to education and employment. You can email her on and connect with her on twitter @itripti.

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