HabitRPG: Making Learning a Game

None of us really wants to work. If it was just a choice between that and firing up the Playstation or opening up Farmville on my phone, nine times out of ten the game would win.

The tenth time I'd go for a drink instead.

But what if you could turn that preference for play to good use? What if the psychological itches that make us go back to Candy Crush Saga again and again could instead drive you to get essays in on time?

What if a game could organise your life?

Welcome to Habit:

HabitRPG is a website and free phone app designed to turn the productive part of your life into a game. It combines some of the character building features of roleplay games like Skyrim with cute retro graphics and an organisational tool for managing your life.

In habit you create your own little character, an adventurer setting out to smite the evils of your workload. Each time you complete a task that you've set yourself, whether it's a daily trip to the gym or finishing an essay, your character grows stronger. Every time you fail to hit your daily tasks he gets injured. Become too slack and your character will die. Get motivated and he'll grow into a sword-wielding bear-riding ninja, or whatever fantastical variation on Habit's options you choose.

Along the way your character accrues treasure, and you can set yourself rewards to buy with that treasure. Maybe you'll let yourself spend twenty gold to take an hour off and watch Game of Thrones. Or perhaps it's just five to treat yourself to a nice cup of coffee. You pick the tasks you need to complete and the rewards that will motivate you. Habit keeps track of when you've earned them.

It might sound complicated but it starts out very simple, introducing extra features as you get used to playing. Because that's what it feels like - turning your work into a game.

A Community Building a Community:

Part of the beauty of HabitRPG is its community. It's not the product of a big software development company, but of a group of enthusiasts banding together to create something they wanted. That community spirit extends to the game itself and its social media side. You can join communities of people looking to get motivated on the same things as you, like the Wordsmiths or the Scholars Guild, sharing the joys and pains of your studies. This is also a great way to get motivated, as people in these groups share advice and set challenges for each other, all within the context of the game.

Making Hard Work Fun:

We all want a game in our lives, but it doesn't have to leave you feeling like you've wasted work time. So switch on to Habit and see if it can motivate you.

Andrew Knighton

About Andrew Knighton

I'm a writer and ex-teacher. You can find more of my writing on education at: http://www.degreediary.com/bloggers/27 I also have a blog on reading and writing: https://andrewknighton.wordpress.com/

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