Great Falls School Leads the Way

The idea of using technology in schools for education is something that hasn’t gotten complete acceptance just yet. That is because most of the schools that use technology, do so by putting the children in front of computer screens while the teacher is absent from the room.

Those schools should learn something from the Great Falls Elementary School, which leads the way in the marriage of technology with education. The schools has already been named a Microsoft Pathfinder School a couple of years ago and a Mentor School the year after. That shows how technology can be successfully merged with traditional forms of learning.

A Program Driven by Technology

The curriculum taught at the school is highly influenced by technology. The children take four days of computer lab work every week, and two days each of math and reading. All the programs are designed to be adaptive for the students. They can learn what they want at a pace that they are comfortable with. The technological part of it also adds a level of entertainment in the courses which is missing from conventional forms of teaching.

How Technology Can Teach

There are many ways in which technology can be more suited to child education, and the Great Falls Elementary seems to have grasped a lot of them. The school leads the way in such an education by making technology accessible for all students.

The schools has a computer lab, and one more underway. Every classroom has some desktop computers and multiple tablets for the children to use. There is also a room, known as the CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Childhood Health) room, where students can use exercise equipment to learn new things while doing physical exercise.

The large Promethean boards is used in some rooms which the teachers can use while teaching. This is an interactive board that can help the instructor teach children with a little fun involved. Using a program called ClassDoJo, the board allots a monster-like character to each student of the class. When the teacher asks a question and a student gets it right, that student’s monster gets points. In the same way, there is another program that helps children see instant results of their answers on the board during an oral quiz.

Making Technology Accessible

One great thing that happens through this kind of an education is the provision of technology to those students who might not otherwise be able to afford it. Most of the students in the school qualify for reduced lunch fares, which makes it clear that their families cannot afford to use too much technology outside school.

Being a Microsoft Showcase School, Great Falls Elementary gets a lot of support from the company as well. Microsoft, being one of the tech giants of the world, provides a lot of professional development to the school. That, and help from other Microsoft schools, are what make Great Falls Elementary lead the way when it comes to being a successful symbol of an education merged with modern technology.

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