Getting a Degree in Law? How to Make it Through School

What's motivated you to get a law degree? For some students, it's a family tradition. Others feel a calling or regard law as an interesting career to pursue. A successful college record, high scores on the LSAT, and acceptance by a prestigious university are challenging steps to your goal. The biggest challenge, however, is how to make it through law school.

Stand Out

Law school is no place to blend into the scenery or simply be a face in the crowd. Notice where your professor stands and find a seat nearby. Pick up on body language that indicates they are trying to make an important point. Expect to be called on and be visible when you raise your hand to ask a question.

Be Prepared

Be the leader of the pack and show your interest as a future attorney determined to excel. Review the syllabus of each course to understand what you are expected to know when it's over. Then make an outline and research online for additional articles and opinions that help you understand each issue.

Show Respect

Show respect, even when you disagree. Every person you encounter that is involved in law can be a lead, or a deterrent, to your legal career.

Be Proactive

Look up the meaning and pronunciation of words and terms, even if you don't use them very often. Get into the practice of using them when they apply. This procedure will help them roll off your tongue with confidence when called upon to make an impromptu response. Talk about what you've learned to family and friends. Discussing a lesson with other class members usually provides the same view you already possess. Successfully explaining words or phrases to people with little or no legal background validates your comprehension.

Accept Challenges

Take the initiative in research on your own instead of waiting for an assignment to be made. Law school requires a lot of reading and comparison of case studies and judicial opinions. Your professors understand the importance of arguing about case law or proper jurisdiction. When your position is challenged, it's your opportunity to persuade them with facts.

Embrace Opportunity

If something is not clear, take the notes you've made and ask your professor to explain what you don't understand. Ask if you can record lectures on a small tape recorder for later review. Practice taking sample exams; professors often provide types of questions you'll encounter and identify what the answers imply. Trick questions are only tricky until the student understands their formation and what they really say. Free online law exams include contract law, torts, and constitutional law. Attend court as an observer. What type of argument earns the judge's respect? How are the cases presented? Is there any particular style you like when an attorney is questioning witnesses, the plaintiff, or defendant? Pay particular attention to cross examinations, when the opposing attorney brings a different means of questioning to the table.

Surpass Expectations

Focus on the exam that will make your grade. Plan your study time so that it validates your knowledge. The professor may spend the entire semester teaching you about a particular case that has no bearing on the final exam. Find out what other professors expect and teach in similar classes across the country. Take it upon yourself to know what you need to know.

If being a Keyser Minnesota Defense Attorney is something that you would like to do then make sure to learn all you can and seek learning opportunities more than ever before. Develop a presentation style and don’t be afraid of the unknown. Evaluate what you hear and find answers to your questions. Law school is more than lectures, briefing cases, and poring through tomes gathering research. Learning to sway others to your position using relevant case law and legal precedence will get you through law school.

Meghan Belnap

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