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With all the choices to go to college to make something of yourself and have a nice career, online education is a big benefit for those who are serious about going to college, today. A lot of you are low income and must be working while going to college. It will be hard for you to get to the campus and take your courses on the nights that they are required when you have work and are unable to get a schedule change for regular campus universities. That is one disadvantage. The other disadvantage is that you pay much more for them that you might not be able to pay back if you are required student loans to cover them. 

The advantages of the online universities are that they are less money and you can take your studies at home at the times that you pre-arranged with your professors. So God forbid if you work schedule changes at the last second, you can call your professor to arrange another time to be online with each other, for those credits. This is more convenient and more affordable. These are most of the pros. 

Now for the cons:

Make sure that it is a accredited online university. Do an SEO search in Google, because some of them are out there to scam you for your money. Get at least three good references from them that you can make a decision from. Then once after you decide on a university, check the professors' ratings before you choose that instructor. Sometimes the student and the professor don't get along. 

There are many accredited online universities out there who give out financial aid for those who need it and they will also accept educational grants (money that you can get that you will never have to pay back) for those who qualify for them. Plus some of them accept scholarships (also money that you won't have to pay back when you keep up the grade point average for those).

Make this an experience to better yourself to get ahead. 

Pic: Compliments of Capella Online University

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