Four Education Tech Trends Already Scaling High

‘Learning while having fun’ is the idea behind education and technology working together. The education tech trends have been around for some time but this year, it continues to scale high as it makes the learning process more enjoyable and entertaining as well as easier and convenient for both educators and students.

As soon as the year 2015 began, the education tech trends became more and more popular as technology continues to give easy access to learning materials. The benefits of such trends allow people to gain more interest in education since it has become less boring and stressful but more fun and entertaining. As the availability of educative materials and tools increase through technology, learning is no longer a hassle.

Here are four education tech trends that have gained popularity as the year started:

  • M-Learning – Mobile phones and devices have become indispensable as people around the world share the same sentiment of being unable to leave home without bringing these things. For giving so much value to such devices, experts and educators took the advantage of making learning materials available through them, which they call as M-Learning. Today, people can just browse their mobile devices conveniently as m-learning offers quick access to educative tools and materials as well as courses.
  • Automated training programs and courses – Realizing how useful technology is when it comes to education and learning, educators decided to use automated learning tools and materials. In this way, they can easily generate quizzes, exams, and exercises as well as an entire course or program. Also, automation tools enable educators to customize training programs and courses they create.
  • Massive Open Online Courses or MOOC – This is an online course or eLearning wherein it allows unlimited registration and participation through the internet. As MOOC becomes a popular trend, top-rated schools and universities as well as companies and organizations begin to apply it. And today, the corporate world begins to rely on this education tech trend for their employees’ education and training.
  • Augmented learning – As technology continues to improve and enhance accessibility and availability of educative tools and materials, it also promotes augmented learning. Augmented learning is a technique that allows students to gain better understanding of a subject matter while the environment stimulates learning and discovery. This means that instead of making students focus on memorization, they are given the privilege to learn through adaptive learning experience.

Education tech trends greatly help students in learning their subjects easily while having fun and assist educators in teaching topics hassle-free. With education technology aiding both learners and educators, it will not be a surprise that these trends will scale high not only this year but also in the years to come.

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