Five Fun Educational Activities to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

If your child will be starting Kindergarten in 2015, you are likely concerned about making sure they are ready for the experience. While flashcards and chalkboards are excellent teaching tools, kindergarten-aged children respond better to sensory activities that are disguised as fun games and projects. Since students learn best when they're having fun, here are a few ideas to inspire your tiny scholar and prepare them for entering Kindergarten successfully.

Learning Letters

As the building blocks for words and reading, knowing ones' letters is crucial. To practice recognizing these essentials, gather some construction paper, glue, and sprinkles. With glue, write out a letter on colorful paper. Then, let your child cover it in sprinkles, and watch how their face lights up with excitement as the letter comes to life. Not only will this help them learn letters, but it will also teach them how to follow directions and participate in an activity.

Recognizing Numbers

Numbers lay the groundwork for math, time, and more. For a fun-filled learning activity, you will need Play-Doh, pom-poms, and a pencil. To begin, flatten out a section of dough. With the pencil, draw a number in the dough. Directly below it, poke the appropriate amount of holes, using the eraser end of the pencil, that correspond to the number. Give your child a selection of pom-poms, ask them to place them on the holes and count as you go. This amusing project will help your youngster visually associate the look of the number with the amount it represents.

Writing Their Name

Since many items in a kindergarten classroom are personalized, your little learner needs to be able to recognize and write his or her name. For this lesson, all you need is shaving cream. To reduce the mess that will occur, consider doing this activity in the bathtub, though any hard and flat surface will do. Squirt two separate helpings of shaving cream onto your work area, and spread it around. On one, write your child's name. On the other, encourage them to copy the example you have provided. They will love the gooey mess and will learn from writing their name in a repetitious fashion.

Identifying Colors

Many kindergarten teachers love to group and label using colors. To help your child be successful in a color-dominated atmosphere, use colored bins to sort items throughout your house. Start out with red, yellow and blue buckets. Create a scavenger hunt where you and your little one search the house for like-colored items that you will place in the buckets. For example, when they stumble upon a green block in their room, ask them what bucket it belongs in, and praise them when they get it right.

Using Scissors

As teachers know all too well, hands-on activities are effective. For this reason, many kindergarten lessons involve crafty projects using scissors. To prepare your future student, seat him at a table with paper and a pair of blunt safety scissors. For a target, you can cut out shapes, and allow your little one to practice cutting them in half, cutting corners off, etc. Start with large items, since small pieces of paper are often difficult for little hands to work with.

From letters and numbers to names and colors, your child will experience a new world of learning when they enter kindergarten. In the comfort of familiar surroundings, you can give your child the confidence to succeed with fun and easy projects at home.

The information for this article was provided by the professionals of the Star-Brite Learning Program, a program that offers preschool curriculum kits.

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