Does an Overseas Education Mean Better Prospects?

In the highly competitive world today, people would do anything just to improve their prospects when they graduate. Before that meant going to top universities and Ivy League schools to increase the chances of landing a distinctively great job. This time, it means widening your horizon and going abroad to study.

Benefits of Studying Abroad

A recent study by the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM) revealed that students apparently had a better opportunity when they pursue an overseas education as HR heads of major companies are looking for prospects with international talent.The only way to develop this is through overseas education which a lot of universities offer now through partner programs, internships and scholarships. But the broad term of studying abroad has to be qualified in order to become truly relevant to prospective professionals.

  • The RSM research conducted on over 1,000 respondents from around the globe revealed that they generally felt that overseas education did in fact improve their competencies as managers by making them more self-aware, flexible and independent. When you are flung into an unknown environment where you have to cope and co-exist with a culture totally different from your own, you would certainly develop skills and talents that can make you cope with life easier in your new habitat.
  • People going abroad to study in developed and established economies benefit more from the study experience than those heading to still developing economies. The respondents in the study had this general sentiment and this could actually be attributed to the fact that it is more challenging to interact and cope with the locals in such areas. So when you do decide on educational travel, be sure that you optimize this by also qualifying the places that you want to study in.
  • In the long-run, the Asian market is the place to be as it is expected to have the highest rates in hiring MBA and other business related courses in the next few years. Ultimately, if you are trying to improve your prospects, your end goal has to be on how to penetrate this market. Your prospects could better be improved by having cross-cultural competencies that you develop if you do study abroad and learning and adapting to a totally new culture.
  • What students learn along the way in their study abroad could shape and change their perspective and gear them towards what they truly want. It is common among students and even professionals to be still generally unsure about what they truly want to do. But being exposed to a highly diverse culture and dynamics, the realization towards what you really want to do will be more easily developed. 

As beneficial as studying abroad is, it is not for everyone as it could get very tough and challenging. However, most educational travel does have an end. So if you want to improve your prospects in the future, you can take on the challenge and choose to study abroad where you are bound to get an experience of a lifetime and a myriad of learning, skills and competencies along the way.

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