Dealing with Preschoolers' Behavioral Issues

The actions speak for themselves. The little toddler is screaming and yelling at the supermarket. The little girl is misbehaving by throwing a tantrum in the middle of the playground.

They are all scenes of toddlers and preschoolers displaying undesired behavior. Some preschoolers even show aggression, biting, hitting, and refusal to cooperate. Is it all part of normal behavior of a preschooler and growing up?

Many experts actually affirm tantrums and misbehavior is a typical display of preschoolers. In fact, psychologists and early childhood experts believe preschoolers begin to develop social skills at this stage.

But what’s a parent or teacher to do when the tantrums escalate that disrupts everyday life? The most important part of this growing stage is to remember to handle the situation with self-control.

Experts state that coercive, punishments, screaming, and yelling can actually hurt the child more than any other method of behavior modification. As a matter of fact, preschoolers are at a stage they can understand.

When someone explains to preschoolers they need to calm down, educators and parents are teaching children a method of self-control. If behavior continues, the need for intervention is required.

At times, this behavior can be categorized as extreme and needs professional attention. Cases where children show uncontrollable emotional tantrums, anger, excessive aggression, and low academic achievement need special attention.

Some children can show signs of attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity (ADH) among other disorders. The significant part of knowing how to help children with severe discipline and learning disabilities is a start.

However, some schools and the education system provide little help to behavior displayed by students with ADD or ADH. This often leads to expulsion of children from schools or daycares.

Because they show lack of attention, hyperactivity, and disruptive behavior, other classmates also do not understand their behavior. Learning disabilities can also pose a roadblock for these students to learn.

Besides, some students need to take special medication to counteract the chemical imbalance in their brains. When medication and treatment are not present, this will tend to cause more disruptive behavior.

Consequently, toddlers and preschoolers will display behaviors that are out of place. But it is important to know that understanding and patience will modify a child’s behavior not coercive correction. A child’s behavior will ultimately be a reflection of how teachers and parents react.

Barbara Mascareno

About Barbara Mascareno

Barbara is a bilingual teacher in Spanish, math, and science. She also offers her services as an educational consultant. She has science degrees and is working on her secondary education degree.

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