Cultivation in the Asheville Atmosphere

Asheville air itself is a muse. More so, it was a muse for F. Scott Fitzgerald, when he traveled to the western mountains of North Carolina. Which was then known to be idyllic for the treatment of tuberculosis. How enchanting! Just how the mountain climate could help manage an all-encompassing disease. The city is imprinting, influential enough to sway Fitzgerald to mention Asheville in the ‘’The Great Gatsby.’’ That novel was proclaimed to capture the essence of an era; in reflection to that era, Fitzgerald coined the phrase the ‘’ Jazz Age.’’ Asheville immaculately junctions in with history, and is dear not only to one of the greatest American writers of the 2oth century, but to a cultivating culture of creative minds and artist.

Asheville is the setting to great novels and the home to other great novelist as well. Artist such as Thomas Wolfe and Charles Frazier both were born in, lived in and wrote about this majestic city. Frazier has won awards for his Cold Mountain stories; while Wolfe has landmarked his legacy in Asheville with his childhood home being named the ‘’Thomas Wolfe Memorial.’’

Admiration is certain. Through art and antiquity, Asheville is enticing. The great depression hit Asheville hard. Economic growth was slow, and most of Asheville’s architecture remained untouched. Fortunately, art is something we cherish. Due to the slow reconstruction and methods of art deco architecture, Asheville has risen to become a tourist attraction. Respectfully, the ‘’Asheville Art Museum’’ is the one and only community based nonprofit visual art organization in Western North Carolina.

Alluring writers with an established writing community, Asheville has been the cerebro of attraction. Here is a list of a few places designed to help writers harness their skills: “The Artist’s Way”, “The Center for Craft Creativity and Design’’, “Asheville Area Arts Council’’, “Clarity Works’’, “The Writers Workshop of Asheville’’ and Asheville Wordfest.’’ The atmosphere is so supportive of writers. The city is beautiful and the downtown area is scenic. You can feel it in the air, and there’s a fresh air of creativity—everywhere. For illustration, The Writers Workshop of Asheville has drawn together over 21,000 adults, teens, and children who have participated in workshops, seminars, readings, contests and retreats. The range of classes can be found at

The cost of living in Asheville is very inexpensive. The population is fair, approximately 84,000. The saga of artist to ascend will continue. Asheville’s history foreshows greatness. It is a great place to travel to and an even better area to relocate to. There are many places that are filled with energy to inspire. Asheville is one of them.

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