College Life: What You Need to Know about Sororities and Fraternities

Fraternities and sororities have come into disfavor in recent years because of poor and even criminal behavior displayed by some. The truth is however, that selecting a sorority or fraternity is somewhat like applying for a job. On any college campus there are several organizations to choose from, both small and large, and they differ greatly in what they can offer. The smart college goer will be diligent about checking out several of them thoroughly before settling on one. Here are some benefits you may not have thought about when choosing the Greek life during your college years.

You Can Find Them in Your Professional Area of Interest

There are fraternal organizations that are geared toward specific occupational specialties, such as law or engineering. These are called professional fraternities. They are restrictive as to membership. Their goal is to encourage brotherhood among members and to facilitate the learning of their profession.

The advantages of this type of organization are obvious. Since people interested in the same profession share ideas, talents and strengths, all members learn from each other, which can only help them when they are looking for a job. These prestigious groups help you get in the “inner circle” of your desired career. Unlike their informal cousins, professional fraternities are a must in some degrees.  

They Can Give You the Opportunity to Devote Yourself to Charitable Works

Certain sororities and fraternities are known for their charitable causes. These are called service fraternities. Although all fraternal organizations devote some of their time to charitable causes, service fraternities consider this pursuit their major focus. Some of these are spearheaded by various worthy religious organizations.

Students of college age are usually looking for a worthwhile place to devote their time and energy. Think of dozens of college aged youth helping a local food bank with their The Houndstooth Press shirts on or cleaning a piece of land for the betterment of the neighborhood. Service fraternities offer them a ready-made opportunity to improve the human condition as part of a team.

They May Help You Get a Better Job

Anyone who has filled out an application knows that one of the questions on most applications is whether or not you have ever joined a fraternal organization. This is because employers are looking for certain identifiable qualities in the people they hire. Becoming a member of a fraternal organization indicates to an employer that you are sociable, can work well in a team, and are willing to pursue the things you desire in life. These are all admirable qualities that can translate into a better job.

You Can Develop Lifelong Friendships

Although the primary benefits of joining a sorority or fraternity are usually during college, once you have successfully joined, your membership is considered to be lifelong. Fraternal organizations hold regular alumni reunions for their members. They also keep members in good standing apprised of new developments within their organization. In addition, for those who are interested, job opportunities within the sorority or fraternity are posted to all members.

Sororities and fraternities can be beneficial to college students. The key is to take the time to search for the right fraternal organization to meet your needs.

Meghan Belnap

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