cameras in special education classroom

Cameras in Special Education Classroom - Texas New Law

Parents with kids that have special needs are always concerned for them, especially when they are in school. A new law has been passed stating that cameras can be installed in special education classrooms.

The Texas government recently announced a new law that requires every special education classroom in public school districts to install a camera. Effective September 1, this year, a staff member, board of trustee or parent can request a camera to be installed in the classroom.

Jolene Sanders, a mother of a 10-year-old boy with specials needs, was delighted of such policy. To her, it would be a great help in monitoring her son and in preventing what happened to him two years ago.

According to Mrs. Sanders, she went to her son’s school early one day to pick him up. There she learned that the young lad was mistreated and bullied by other kids. She was angered after knowing that her son was not safe in school.

Like Mrs. Sanders, parents are supportive of the new mandate. For them, it will be useful and it’s a great way to help ensure the safety of their children, especially the ones who are more vulnerable to bullying and browbeating.

Dr. Allison Salle, from Tejas Family Guidance Center, stated that the law will be extremely helpful to kids who can’t speak or have difficulty in articulating what’s happening or going on. The cameras will serve as their voice, wherein incidents of mistreatment will be shown. Dr. Salle further said that with the new law, the bullying of students with special needs will be exposed, addressed, and eventually prevented.

However, the new law also stated that the cameras will be purchased by the public school districts themselves. The downside is that these devices in total may cost millions of dollars.

According to Debbie Ratcliffe, from the Texas Education Agency, it will be difficult for the schools to follow such policy's. Aside from its high costs, there is insufficient funds for the cameras. But Ratcliffe added that the government is giving the schools ample time to strategize on how to raise the funds for the installation of the required cameras.

As for the parents, they are giving their full support to the law but they are also being considerate and understanding of the schools when it comes to the funding. They also want those schools to understand that they just desire for added security to their kids going to school.


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cameras in special education classroom

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