Benefits of Online Classes for People with Physical Disabilities

I struggled with a disability during college, and taking online courses eased my studies. The ability to attend class from my bedroom gave me more flexibility and freedom. If you have a physical disability, you may experience the same benefits and others if you try an online class.

Few or No Accommodations Necessary

If you have a physical disability, just going to campus and into a classroom is challenging. You may need to arrange accommodations to make attending class possible.

However, if you opt for online classes, you can do the work from anywhere with Internet access. Assuming you have Internet access from your home, you won't need to travel anywhere or arrange accommodations of any kind. The computer and desk you use will already suit your needs. Not having to travel or arrange accommodations will give you more time and energy to focus on the class.

Less Stress

With the logistical ease of learning from home and with the lack of stares from classmates, you'll probably stress less during class. When you stress less, you'll focus on the course material better and feel more comfortable. If you're less stressed and more comfortable, I see no reason for you not to enjoy and learn more from the course more.

Greater Flexibility

Without set times for class, you can do the work at whatever time is convenient for you. If you function best during a certain time of day, you can choose to do the work then. If you need to take frequent breaks while learning or need extra time to complete learning tasks, you can do so with online learning.

Also, if you learn well independently, the increased responsibility you take for your learning with online courses will probably suit you. I've always learned best by reading the material independently, which makes online classes effective for me.

Easier Social Interaction

Some students dislike the decreased social interaction that comes with online classes, but it might work to your advantage, depending on the nature of your disability. Class discussions usually happen through an online discussion board, and it may be easier to type and post what you want to say than to raise your hand and speak it. Similarly, it may be easier to read than hear what classmates say in discussions. Small-group activities happen online, meaning you don't have to worry about traveling anywhere to meet with group members.


I wish I could've taken more online courses because they made attending college easier. Depending on what kind of disability you have, you stand to benefit from the decreased need for accommodations, the decreased stress, the increased flexibility, and the easier social interaction online courses offer. Try taking one, and see how it works for you.


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