Balancing Your Pregnancy with Your Career – Interview Advice

Pregnancy is an important phase of your life but you do not have to miss out on your career completely when you choose to go through that phase. The condition varies from individual to individual and most women can balance their pregnancy with their career pretty well.

If you are pregnant and hunting for a job, you are in two difficult situations put together. But do not let your pregnancy get in the way of landing your dream job. After all, if you have the skills and the ability, you will win that job with ease. Also, it is noteworthy that there is a law against pregnancy discrimination, so you are spared from disqualification due to your condition. If you are pregnant and have a job interview, take note of the following tips to swiftly land on the job that you aim for.

Do not mention pregnancy right away – Instead, look forward to meeting your prospective employer and discuss why you are the best person for the job. If your pregnancy does not show yet, you do not have to talk about it because it is not necessary. Do not give the impression that you are giving more emphasis on your situation rather than your qualifications and skills. Make the employer realize how significant you will be in the position. You may disclose your pregnancy when you are hired. It is totally up to you as you feel comfortable. If you want to share it upfront, that is fine too as long as you keep it short and do not overemphasize.

Prepare your answers and discuss maternity leave– Once the employer hires you, he will soon ask about your pregnancy. It is important that the company knows your situation so they can also adapt to it. The employer will ask you how long you will be on maternity leave, and you must have a prepared answer for this.

Think ahead of what could be the employer's concerns and prepare your answers. This will also allow your department to react and prepare contingencies while you are out on a maternity leave. Your absence shall not compromise the flow of work in the office. Depending on how far you are in the pregnancy, this could also the best time to ask for maternity leave and discuss maternity benefits.

Assess your situation and be honest with it – This might be your dream job and you have the advantages of getting it smoothly, but it is important to assess your condition as well. For instance, ask if the company is open to adjustments such as bringing your work at home shall the load of work in the office conflict with your pregnancy. Stress out that your job is important to you, but the life you carry in your womb bears greater importance. Sometimes you will have to make a choice, you might be in your dream job but if you think you are not doing justice to it, step back. Ask for help, get an assistant or in worst case, quit. Irrespective of the choices you make, do justice to the job and to your baby.


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