App to Cut Down Literacy Risks

It’s not just the technology today, but also the lifestyle of people wherein Kindle is the new novel and apps serve as the new reminders that the population is more inclined towards electronic gadgets. Not to forget the increase in demand of PHP developers, IOS app developers and many such technical posts to cater to the need of functional lifestyle in today’s world.

The advent of our modern lifestyle specially with iPads, iPods, and tablets, has started engaging kids from a very early age. Bessemer Library has used this as an advantage by introducing the ELS, Early Literacy Station, they've added it to their library.

This software is designed specially for kids from ages 2 to 8 and has been integrated into a computer and tablet, which can easily be operated by this age group along with the audio navigation system to monitor their learning movements.

Learning via ELS

To help and develop a child’s analytical skills or even basic learning, this software has innovative ways to teach a child subjects like mathematics, science, general knowledge and geography.

At the same time, the child can also work on his or her computer skills, art and music, which are displayed in yet another innovative way by integrating children’s favorite characters like Dora, Jump Start and Reader Rabbit which ensure greater emphasis on phonemic awareness, modeling correct expression and fluency in reading.

This virtual method and overall graphic organization with ‘themes’ as per the child’s inclination attracts the child, thus making learning fun. Since the activities are aligned as per U.S state and common core standards, it becomes easy and convenient for the targeted audience.

ELS as an Independent Software

Since this software is integrated into the respective gadget, and it does not require web support or Internet, it makes it safe for kids to learn without having to be looked over at all times.

As per Karen McKenna, director of Bessemer Library, “the kids just love it” and since the headphones, microphones and the touch technology make it easier to be accessed, she rarely has to help.

This technology has engaged children to an extent that if they were given permission, they would want to spend more of their time in library. Seems like, apps like this can help reorient the masses to the library and cultivate in kids, at a very early age, the habit of reading. This habit in the long run will cut down on the illiteracy rate.

Future of ELS

The rate of people depending on apps for weather report to air ticket booking, makes ELS’s future bright since this app can be relied on, is safe and is the perfect way to engage children by introducing them to the technical world in addition to the phonological awareness, which will further help them understand the connection between speech and printed letters.

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