Alternative Forms Of Education That Can Be Tried

Education is a necessary expense. Everyone needs an education, even though it can be quite difficult sometimes, expensive (Yes) and even boring (for some subjects). So are there any other alternative forms of education that can be tried out? Is it possible to make education fun and motivating? Let’s find out.

The Spiritual College

Sounds like it’s a college that really concentrates on the spiritual needs of students, right? Well, Ananda College of Living Wisdom does exactly that. It allows students to discover themselves, by offering programs based on meditation, yoga and many other relaxation programs.

In addition, students can also choose to study programs through corporate social responsibility. And students are allowed to decide how they want to study, as well as what they want to study.


Massive Open Online Course offers courses for different people at their own paces. This means that even if thousands apply for the same course, it will never create a crisis as each person is at his/her own level. And guess what? They are absolutely free!

This is a good alternative for those lacking funds, but really want a chance to study what they love. However, it is important to remember that not all MOOC courses offer a certificate of completion.

In addition, as much as they may make one’s Curriculum Vitae more valuable, they don’t add one’s academic credits. This is more so because it is a course being offered by accredited universities such as Yale, Harvard and Duke.

The UnCollege

Now here is a college that allows people to decide for themselves what they would like to learn about. It does this through articles, discussions forums and even workshops. It was created by Dale J. Stephens, who coincidentally dropped out of college.

It is based on the premises that education is anywhere and everywhere, not necessarily in schools and colleges. In addition, Dale believes that some people end up paying too much fees yet at the end of the course, come out with nothing substantial or beneficial.

For those who always stress about what they want to study when they reach 18 years, Dale thinks this is an unnecessary burden that should be done away with. There is enough time to decide what one will do later in life.

And no one should let themselves think that they must have degree to progress in life. Some degrees just teach theories without anything practical that can be applied in real life. Sounds like a good alternative form of education that can be tried, right?

The Introvert School

Introvert person, yes. Introvert school? One such school is Datmoor, which is a private school in the USA that admits students aged between 1 and 12 years old. It derives its name ‘introvert’ from the fact that it prefers to teach its students one-on-one, rather than the normal mode of learning, where students are clumped in classes.

University of the People

This university offers free courses, save for the application and examination fee, which range between 10$ and 50$. It is the first university in the world to offer free online higher-level education. In addition, it has even received accreditation from the DETC (Distance Education and Training Council).

Anarchistic Free Schools

And no, this is not a school that encourages anarchy. Rather, it offers free education to students. There are also no hierarchies in the management, and students get to learn how to be independent, as they get a chance to develop in all areas of life.

The Tailor-Made College

Okay, everyone knows of a tailor-made suit, furniture, but tailor-made college? Ever heard of it? Well, here comes the Evergreen State College based in Olympia, Washington. The word ‘tailor-made’ comes in because it gives students tailor-made degrees, after assessing their needs.

In addition, the classes have topics which can be easily related to each other, thus making learning easier. And the best part, no grades. So, no need for any student to be afraid of being the last one in class. Instead, they evaluate students through storylines.

The Advanced Learning Interactive Systems Online, founded by Mike Feerick, an entrepreneur from Ireland in 2007, is another alternative form of education. With more than 500 courses and diplomas, as well as a student base of 3 million students, ALISON promises to offer something for everyone.

The Democratic School

Sudbury Valley School is one such school, which was founded in the year 1968. This is a school with no curriculum, and it’s the only one so far where students are also managers of their school.

Yes, they are given the freedom to decide on the affairs of the school, and make decisions. So the students have as much say as the teachers. Makes one wonder how learning would continue in such a scenario, doesn’t it?

But it certainly has succeeded, seeing that it admits not only pre-school students, but goes all the way to high-school. If anyone out there got a chance to go to such a school when they were young, how would they influence the decisions? Longer prep time, perhaps?

Wow, it is definitely a sigh of relief to discover that there are so many alternative forms of education that can be tried by students. Education doesn’t have to so drab anymore, and with the number of student who have always hoped for a chance to decide on what they learn, then these are definitely God-sent. No time to waste anymore. Make a choice (of the college), then make another choice (of what to learn).

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