All Earth Ecobot Challenge Awaits You

Who wouldn't want their children to become creative and innovative during early school life? Learning begins at home and is refined by early schooling. This idea of creative learning and innovation was introduced in 2009 by Mr. Doug Kleiner, who is currently the CEO of Harris County Foundation which provides funds to the All Earth Ecobot Challenge.

The agenda of this challenge is to inspire young minds residing in Texas, by the following three key points:

  • Stimulating the child’s desire for wisdom
  • Encouraging the young minds to think out of the box
  • Creating thirst amongst the students to foresee their growth outside the school

Preparation of Young Minds

The Ecobot Challenge focuses on the creativity and learning of students that are between grade 5 and 8. The concept of this encounter is to design and give ideas about robots which can be environment friendly. The students are required to present their robots using presentations and Lego pieces. The event occurs only in Texas during the summers.

Benefits for Students

The All Earth Ecobot Challenge is a great opportunity for children to learn and enhance their mental capabilities. The reason for the popularity of the Ecobot Challenge is that, it is beneficial for everyone including teachers, principal, and students, as well as their parents. Students are aided in the following ways:

  • They start believing in themselves.
  • They are fascinated with the school based training programs.
  • They develop an urge to learn more and more to make a better future.
  • Students try to excel in their subjects way before the competition in order to succeed once the real competition starts.

Benefits for Others

According to the feedback of parents, they are unable to express their happiness when they witness how creative, innovative and intelligent their children have become during the challenge. The communication barriers are broken down by participating in the All Earth Ecobot Challenge as parents and their children are in communication with each other more than ever before.

Teachers and principals are dazzled by the amazing performance of their students. For them, it is a delight to see their students learn and develop their creativity at such a young age hence producing good results in school disciplines along with the Ecobot Challenge every year.

The Competition

Each team consists of four members that assimilate disciplines like mathematics, physics and computer studies learned during their schooling to plan and shape their robots from scratch to perform tasks that are common in real life.

Once the robots are designed, the true Ecobot Challenge starts. Students are given different missions which they are required to complete in a time battle. The tasks are related to real world issues such as technical innovation, research in medicine, efficient use of energy resources, ecofriendly environment transport, and more.

Reason of Success

The simple answer is that “sponsors” are responsible for funding and making this event successful since 2009. At that time, there were only a few funders but now there are plenty and are increasing with time. Some of the major sponsors are:

  • IEEE
  • Dahill
  • Cobalt International Energy
  • Boeing

Everyone should try to take part in this noble cause by sponsoring such events because:

  • These challenges are fun learning activities.
  • They motivate the students to think outside the box.
  • Such events provide opportunities to the students to recognize their mental capabilities.
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All Earth Ecobot Challenge Awaits You

Who wouldn't want their children to become creative and innovative during early school life? Learning begins at home and is refined by early schooling. This idea of creative learning and innovation was introduced in 2009 by Mr. Doug Kleiner, who is currently the CEO of Harris County Foundation ... ...

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