9 Hot Jobs of 2015 in the US

There is an ebb and flow to popularity and trends in every aspect of life. Especially with the internet, what’s in and what’s not travels to all corners of the globe at lightening quick speeds. Whether it’s the newest thing in music, the latest fashion trend, or the most popular technology of the day, the only constant in life, as the old saying goes, is “change”.

The professional world isn’t immune to these fluctuating trends either with certain jobs growing in terms of popularity, along with higher pay scales as well, over time. Let’s take a look at the careers that are currently “hot” here in the United States, as we give you the low-down on the 9 most popular job profiles of 2015.

1.       Information Security Analyst

In a world where cyber espionage and hacking have become daily problems, information security analysts help companies come up with ways to protect their valuable data. A bachelor’s degree in a computer-related discipline is what is usually required to procure this position, and the median pay, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, is $86,170 annually. Interestingly, the Bureau also projects 37% job growth until 2022 for this profession.

2.       Audiologist

A medical professional specializing in the study of auditory issues, a potential audiologist has to obtain a master’s medical degree to qualify for the post. Salary.com says the median annual salary for the post of an audiologist is $74,820.

3.       Dental Hygienist

The job of dental hygienists involves the cleaning of teeth, general oral upkeep, attempts to discover common mouth-based diseases, and the provision of oral hygiene advice for patients. An associate’s degree is generally enough of a qualification for you to become a dental hygienist, and the median salary for this profession is $71,530 according to US News.

4.       Web Developer

It should come as no surprise seeing this career listed here considering how popular the internet is as a medium for communication, sales, marketing, and every other conceivable form of business. Web developers essentially use code to create websites for clients. They earn $67,097 on an average across the country, according to Glassdoor. Typically, an associate’s degree in web design is all that’s required for this position.  

5.       Occupation Therapists

Working with people who have illnesses, injuries, or disabilities, occupational therapists use commonplace activities to stimulate their patients and help them adapt to society. A master’s degree is required to become an occupational therapist, and there’s a 29% growth rate projected for this profession till 2022. This information comes from the BLS, who also peg the pay scale for this profession at $75,400 annually.

6.       Medical Coding and Billing

Medical coding and billing careers revolve around the more administrative aspects of medicine. Medical coders and billers use established software and standardized ICD 9 or ICD 10 codes to process medical payments. According to Career Step, medical coders and billers earn an average pay between $28,250 and $46,640 per year, but those with ICD 10 training tend to earn more.

7.       Computer Systems Analyst

A part of the IT industry, it is the job of the computer systems analyst to assess the IT assets of a company and provide insights into how they can be utilized in the most efficient manner. Indeed.com pegs the pay at $69,000 on an average. You can become one with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

8.       Esthetician

An esthetician is a skincare specialist who analyzes the condition of the client’s skin and then uses his or her skills to improve its condition, while also providing advice and direction on how to keep it healthy. An esthetician earns a median pay of $27,940, and a state-approved certificate program is required to qualify for an esthetician’s job.

9.       Cost Estimator

Part of the construction industry, a cost estimator forecasts how much time, material, labor and investment will be required to execute a construction project. A median pay of $51,410 can be expected according to Payscale.com, and a bachelor’s degree is a prerequisite, unless the candidate has longstanding experience in the construction field.

Frida Cooper

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9 Hot Jobs of 2015 in the US

There is an ebb and flow to popularity and trends in every aspect of life. Especially with the internet, what’s in and what’s not travels to all corners of the globe at lightening quick speeds. Whether it’s the newest thing in music, the latest fashion trend, or the most popular t ... ...

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