7 Things You Can do When an Employer Requires Experience

Most of new college graduates experience difficulty in finding a good job due to lack of experience. They are aware of the fact that without experience, they cannot attain their dream job. However, one question that keeps popping up for these recent grads is, “How do I can gain experience if I am constantly rejected from each job?” Career experts have given some great advice that can help you gain the experience you need to land the job.

1. Volunteer

LinkedIn discovered that one in five recruiters considers volunteering experiences as a valuable asset when recruiting candidates. In volunteering positions, organizations motivate individuals to use their real talents and skills while providing services. Find a volunteer position that suits your interests and that sets an impressionable stage for your dream job. For instance, if your field of interest is accounting, find out different local non-profit agencies that would allow you to volunteer with their accounting staff.

2. Find an internship or temporary work

Previously, internships were only for students. In today’s world, an internship serves as an important criteria to land up in that dream job. They are regarded as the new entry-level job. Seek an internship and find ways to transform it into an income generating opportunity. In addition, find something that you are passionate about and that helps you to develop skills and prepare you for your dream job. Moreover, maintain a good relationship with your colleagues. Remember, many of the jobs you will get will be through these relationships you develop.

3. Do not neglect your college experiences

Many college students tend to underestimate their college endeavors and experiences. Activities such as raising funds for poor students, writing for a college magazine, or organizing a campus event can be considered as work experience. List the number of activities you were involved with and transform them into real work experiences. You can include all the tasks that required an extra effort such as conducting research, writing a research paper and presenting it to the class, interviewing a manager or conducting laboratory experiments. Mention these classroom experiences in the similar way you would write about your job experiences. Write about your different skills and abilities that you have used and learned while performing these college activities in bullet points.

4. Highlight any entrepreneur activities

Have you ever undertaken a project or activities and made money from it while studying in college? These activities may include, babysitting, mowing the neighbor’s lawn, tutoring, repairing cares, computers or other machinery for your friends and neighbors. Highlight any such activities you have performed as it indicates that you may possess certain qualities to run a small business. Moreover, you can get good references from people you have helped.

5. Network as much as possible

Communicating with other people is the best way to make other people realize what kind of person you are and why they should give you a chance. You can make friends by beginning the conversation while you are standing at the bus stop or walking your dog. Slowly lead the conversation towards their work and make them aware that you too are looking for a job. Talk about your interests and future plans with them. Such conversations might open a wide-range of opportunities for you.

6. Ask your professors for help

If you've never had a job or boss whom you can list as a reference, then take help from a professor who not only guided you in your studies, but with whom you had developed a special friendship. Ask them whether you can list them as a reference on your job application. You can also consult your professor regarding your job search and ask if they have any recommendations.

7. Take on a leadership role

If you are a member of an organization on or off campus, ask them to give you a leadership role so that you gain good experience in how to function as a leader and organize the things competently. These leadership activities will create a very positive impression on your recruiters, especially if you had an impressive role.


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