6 Scholarships For Students With Unique Circumstances

Scholarships are not just for people who are blessed with great intelligence or athletic ability. People come in all shapes and sizes, backgrounds and interests, and so do scholarships.

Little People of America

The nonprofit organization Little People of America offers scholarships to students who are medically classified as dwarves. The qualifications are simple and clear. Applicants have to be students who are 4 feet 10 inches or shorter. Any little person can use $250 to $1,000 toward his or her education.

Scholarships for Tall Students

Alternatively Tall Clubs International Foundation provides scholarships for women 5 feet 10 inches or taller and men 6 feet 2 inches or taller. Applicants must be age 21 or younger. Freshmen and sophomores have the highest chances of being accepted. There are 53 local clubs across North America. Applicants must send essays that illustrate the ups and downs of life experienced through a tall frame to their nearest clubs. Depending on their local clubs, selected applicant can receive hundreds to thousands of dollars.

National Amputation Foundation

The National Amputation Foundation gives scholarships to disabled students who have had a limb amputated above the wrist or ankle. To get $500, applicants must write a short essay recounting how they lost their limb and how it has changed their lives. There are plenty of other scholarships for injured people that students who have lost a limb or suffered a different injury can look into.

Scholarships for Twins

Wilson College offers unique scholarships to twins and triplets who attend the university together. Applicants must be full-time students and in good academic standing to receive 45% off on their tuition fees.

Scholarships for Redheads

A most unusual scholarship is offered to students who have red hair. The scholarship provider is a redhead who wants to help other redheads realize their dream of attending college. To receive scholarship funds from ScholarshipRed, a prospective applicant must possess U.S. residence, a GPA 2.5 or better, and of course, naturally red hair. The application process is more flexible than others. Red-haired students can submit an essay, a drawing, or a YouTube video. The scholarship provider emphasizes creativity. Whatever form it is presented in, it must convey the essence of redheadedness. If it’s good enough, a lucky redhead can secure $500 for his or her education.

Make Me Laugh

Strange as it sounds, there’s also a scholarship for funny students. Unigo offers the Make Me Laugh scholarship to the winner of a humorous short story contest. The writer of the funniest story gets to deposit $1,500 into his or her tuition fund.

These scholarships celebrate the diversity of the human experience. Each emphasizes an uncommon trait that distinguishes the applicant from the majority. After a bit of diligent searching, most people can find scholarships that are tailor-made for their unique circumstances.

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