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Helping Your Students with ADHD

Teachers always face challenges with their students but what we are going to specifically talk about here are the kids who stare out the window, substituting the arc of a bird in flight for their math lesson, or the one who embraces their arts skills instead of paying attention in math class. These ...

Importance of Optimized Education

More than 10 years into the 21st century, teachers and administrators are beginning to understand the profound changes that must occur in education in order for this generation to be competitive. We keep hearing talks of raising standards of education and more fully integrating technology into the ...

Helping Your Children with Revision

As examinations come closer, students start panicking due to the lack of studying. It is not possible to remember what they have learned in classes weeks ago. In such critical times, parents play a crucial role. A parent's correct guidance makes everything easier. So, how do you help your child ...