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preparing child for the school experience

Preparing Your Child For The School Experience

Starting school may appear a difficult stage in the life of many children. Many young children are anxious about this new experience, since they have to be with new people instead of being with their families. Parents, then, should help to prepare their children for the first day of school ...
discovery learning principles

Discovery Learning Principles

Many learning theories place the child in a central role in the learning process. The main objective of education is to teach students how to find solutions to problems, cooperate, analyze and develop their life skills. They should feel motivated and empowered at home as well as at school ...

Motivation and Learning

Motivation is an internal drive that helps students to learn and succeed. It is important to help students try, inquire and develop their knowledge and abilities.  When students are motivated, they can do many things to achieve a goal. Motivation develops the need for exploration, inquiry and ...

The 4 Characteristics of a Successful Teacher

Successful teachers have many common characteristics. Holding an education degree and getting a professional training can give you the knowledge and skills needed for the teaching profession, but they are not enough to succeed as a teacher. The following are the four keys for teachers to be success ...