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AJ Romano is a writer and poet, a mixed media artist, musician, and photographer from Central New Jersey--now living in Bayonne. He has published full length books, many blogs, as well as web content.

AJ Romano

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Negative Environments and Child Development

Children are on the whole impressionable, and therefore likely to replicate behaviors they see as normal or acceptable. This  can perpetuate antisocial behaviors they are shown at early ages. When a child who has had a misguided childhood, socio-economically or emotionally, incorrect developme ...

Keeping Your Students Engaged with Diversity

Keeping your students engaged is one of the most difficult tasks for any teacher. More than engaged, you must also make sure all students are adequately stimulated--always keeping in mind each individual student is different, and are thus going to learn differently as well. Due to this principle, l ...

Targeted Development Rather than Punishment

One of the most difficult parts of raising a child is ensuring they get the proper education. This is made even more challenging if they themselves are not invested in their education--a bad habit that often begins at a young age. When the attention of a child is not properly targeted and maintaine ...

A Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder, is a psychological disability that presents in many different ways, with a variety of different symptoms and diagnostic criteria. Though the disorder can be traced to the genetic level, much about Autism Spectrum Disorder remains enigmatic--with symptoms that va ...