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How Video Games Are Good For Kids

If you know kids who like to play video games, whatever you do, don't let them get their hands on this information! The last thing you want them throwing back in your face is the possibility that playing video games might not be all that bad for them. In fact, in many ways, it turns out that vi ...

Start with the Heart

My eleven-year old daughter enlightened me with her insight yesterday when she said, "Mom, why is it that when we were kindergarteners, if something bad happened, the teachers asked us if we were ok, but ever since we left kindergarten, if something bad happened, the teachers ask us what we di ...

Bullying: When it's Not Between Students

The way bullying is defined in my children's school, the parties involved are identified by using the word "student." That's how it is on the posters about bullying hanging in the hallways. It's also defined that way on the website as well as most other websi ...