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"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you." - Maya Angelou

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A Beginner’s Guide To College Survival

Seeing that school has started for most of you, this post will hopefully be helpful to those of you transitioning into University from high school. Starting university is a big step in your life, and so here are some of the main things I wish I knew before I started my Bachelor’s degree:1. Ab ...

Zzz... Hard Working or Hardly Working?

How many of you associate studying with Redbull, coffee, or any other beverage just overflowing with caffeine? You must all have at least one friend who says something along the lines of, “Duuude I pulled an all-nighter last night; I even mixed Redbull with coke and coffee and I swear I could ...

Forgetting to Remember and Remembering to Forget

I like to believe that I am a timely worker, but there are some occasional moments where I feel like I want to put off my responsibilities and relax. In such moments, my internal monologue goes a little something like this:- Hey I think you really ought to work on that paper due next week.- I know, ...