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Get Your College Education Online

With all the choices to go to college to make something of yourself and have a nice career, online education is a big benefit for those who are serious about going to college, today. A lot of you are low income and must be working while going to college. It will be hard for you to get&nbs ...

Recess in the Public Schools

 New Jersey hasn't had a lunch recess period over 20 years in their public school systems. At first I thought that the change was ordered directly by the Federal Government, for all the new changes in technology that the kids had to learn within their six hour school day. Then I just learn ...

They Need a Break After School to Move Their Bodies

No doubt that we have a childhood obesity problem from kids being mostly indoors, playing video games today. Plus they are not eating right. Also when they spent their whole day in school of 6-8 hours, their brains are fried when they get home.  A good break is needed where they go outside and ...