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4 Tips  to Teach Toddlers Pronunciation

4 Tips to Teach Toddlers Pronunciation

We all enjoy hilarious moments when toddlers try to pronounce a difficult word and throw something strange at us that makes no sense. Sometimes it takes them extended period of time to master the pronunciation of their own names; it often happens with unconventional names. Moreover, according to experts, words that consist the letters ‘K’ and ‘C’ are not easy for the little guys to get. Nevertheless, the child finally grows up learning the correct pronunciation of words and parents play an important role in that process.

As a strategy of good parenting, you should dedicate some time and energy for your child’s learning of pronouncing all the words correctly. Here are some tips that will facilitate your child’s learning to speak the language error free if not flawless:

1. Repeat the words frequently: Every word is new to the toddler; words that are relatively simple, are easy to pronounce correctly. Your child will fumble with the longer and not so frequently used words. You should repeat those words with the kid over and over again so that the word gets imprinted on his/her brain. It is like memorizing an arithmetic table; the more you repeat it, the better you remember it.

2. Split the longer words: Not every word is short and easy to pronounce, especially for a toddler. Words like “no”, “go”, “she” wouldn’t make your kid struggle with them but word like “pencil” may. An effective method of avoiding the struggle would be to split the word in “pen” and “cil”. Let the toddler pronounce “pen” and “cil” separately, the two components of the word will form an association in the mind of the toddler and s/he will eventually be able to pronounce “pencil’ correctly.

3. Relate the word to something: Words don’t create an impression on a toddler’s mind the same way they do on other children’s mind. That is why it is important to relate the word with something that can easily create an impression on the child’s memory; it could be a picture, a display or anything else in that manner. This is a method which the psychologists call “learning by association”.

4. Teach pronunciation with some action: Do a little piece of acting, a playful gesture or some comedy -- whatever gets the toddler excited. These are effective in teaching pronunciation of words as the kids get chances of learning with fun. Every child loves to see his/her parents being funny; it creates an environment of bondage and love. Let the kid try to pronounce a new word with fun and the word will be imprinted on the kids brain.

Toddlers often speak in their own languages that are hardly understood by anybody else other than the parents. Thus the parents know their kids’ language skills better than anyone. Consequently, the primary responsibility of teaching the right pronunciation of words lies with the parents. Adopting an effective methodology for the kids to learn pronouncing the words correctly will pave the path for future good education at school.

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  1. Kim Miller
    Kim Miller
    All of your tips here are phonemic awareness which is the best way to teach toddlers language and to teach reading etc. Great post! I voted! Please check out my post The Pros and Cons of Teaching Moral Values at School
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